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Hey guys!!


So i had a bit fun this morning and recorded me singing Fly me to the Moon. This was only for fun and i wasnt gonna upload it but here it goes. Ill explain how i recorded under the link.


I went out of breath near the end, but i didnt mean to upload this so i just left it as it is. Tell me what you think, all criticism is welcome :)






Recording: So i recorded vocals on my Cellphone just for my ears. But i then wanted to see how it sounds with the backing track. So i downloaded the backing track and i imported everything into Cubase. 


I raised the pitch on the backing track by 4 semi-tones. Tinkered abit with volume, and added a preset to vocals that Cubase has (its just random compression and reverb).


I have no clue how to properly mix or anything so sry for quality :)




p.s. Sound better with headphones or proper speakers. Laptop speakers are kinda bad :P



P.s.s - just because im not easily embarrassed i uploaded a short highway to hell cover just so you can laugh a bit xDDD




Hint: 2nd verse goes horribly wrong xD enjoy :P

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I liked your Sinatra cover. I had to listen a few times because of the disparity of tone from your phone versus the backing track. You've got great attitude in that and I think you sang it in the right spirit.


As for the AC/DC cover, I loved your tone on that. Here is another version I like in the lower key.


Hayseed Dixie (yes, it's a goof on ac/dc) with Highway to Hell. They did a bunch of blue grass style covers of songs. Just imagine the possibilities with an acoustic bass, banjo, western guitar, and mandolin.


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