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Labrinth is one of my favorite artist, so much respect for him. When I heard this song, I fall in love. I think the words are so powerful and emotional...and as I think you have already know, I love the emotional, passion, sentimental songs. So I decided to cover it! Hope you like it! 
Thank you, Memi. ❤



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Great to see you back at The Modern Vocalist World, Memi :)


If my memory serves me correctly, it's been at least a year since you've posted (???)


Beautiful as Always :)


Sent you an email :D


~ Adolph ~

Adolph C. Namlik
Administrator ~ The Modern Vocalist World
Western N.Y.

Email : chief188@hughes.net
"My Life's A Stage"

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I'm not going to critic your anything. YOU know who you are as an artist. Beautiful rendition, Beautiful voice , Congrats! You own your performance, that is always the most important factor.

HM Darius Adrik Conrad Alexander Noto-Holstein

              ***** Conrad Noto *****




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