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A.M. Acapella Cover: Landed by Ben Folds and Angel by Sarah Mclachlan

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I've gotten into the habit of singing songs outside of my preferred genre of singing lately.  Some songs I've never even heard before. What seems to be intriguing me a lot lately is the whole idea of "How would I do this song if I sang it my way?" or "How would I improvise this part?" Even the idea of how a certain singer I listen to might do a certain song that's not by them. I feel it's an interesting way of seeing your identity. Singing a song in the same genre, you may do a lot of the type of stuff the original artist might do, but when you go out of your comfort zone, you end up with something more pure.


Always liked Ben Folds though, and this was the first song I ever heard from him. If you like Elton John, and you don't know about this guy, check him out.


So, here's a little cover I did while sitting at my desk in the early morning hours. A quick little pause here or threre, because some of the lyrics I was reading off of were wrong.




Here's also a cover I did of Angel by Sarah Mclachlan. This one isn't acapella. I was doing a duet cover, so I did the first verse and didn't say anything for most of the second, but I sang the rest of it. This recording has just my voice though.



"Quitters Never Win"

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