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  1. Hello my name is Jayaira Check out my new single!! Alone by Jayaira on all streaming platforms!

  2. Wow, somebody bumped this, lol. Must have been intriguing.
  3. Right, you're not here to get solicited to buy a singers training program, but think about it; you can be in here getting help for free because you've been granted free access. Think about that As for the song, if you're suggesting that you move those highlighted parts down but keep everything else the same, I wouldn't do that. You risk messing with the feel of the song that way. So, I'd go with what I said.
  4. You can't expect to be done in 3 months. If it was that easy, everybody would do it.This is a marathon, not a sprint.
  5. So you have to change the key. That much seems clear to me. Does Reaper have a feature that allows you to do that to an instrumental track? If not, just see if you can buy an instrumental track of that song that is transposed for a baritone range.
  6. I remember seeing posts like these for years. Now, I finally get it somewhat. What are some good ways of accomplishing this?
  7. So, I finally have a technique question. I saw a video about grunting and I essentially was able to work it into a growl that I can apply to singing. I can consistently do this now, but I know this can be harmful if done wrong, so I was wondering, to those who believe they are doing this right, and can consistently do this and have never had any problems, how does it feel to you? I've experimented with it, but not used it a whole ton. I've gotten it to the point where I barely feel it very little, if at all. Just looking for experiences to compare it to.
  8. Speaking voice has nothing to do with your vocal type. Our own in-house coach, Draven Grey has even said most of his students speak at the lower end of their range. I think voice type has more to do with where your voice sits. So, where you can sing with the most ease while using proper technique.That's what I've gathered.
  9. I figured. That will do it. I suppose if you don't have it worked out by the time you're a fetus, you're screwed for life.
  10. I watched the whole thing and it didn't do that for me. I was wondering if that feeling could be generated in you independent of whether you're into the stuff the singer is singing.
  11. I wonder where she got it from that she might be too old...
  12. Yeah, that's what I'm saying, lol. I had to get lessons and have somebody tell me. I don't remember all that we did, but there were a bunch of things we did to test the voice out. I was always much more about how to do stuff rather than how everything works. All I thought made somebody a baritone or a tenor is that they just naturally had a low voice or a high voice; it was just whatever came out. I'd see some debates here and I never went back and forth because I didn't have much of an opinion. We did some exercises and he (the coach) commented on how I went into the higher range. By higher r
  13. How'd you get that bar on the left in Windows 10? Are you using a tablet? Anyways, to stay on topic, yeah, I heard about call mode. Sometimes it takes a hands-on lesson with good people to make sure you're doing things properly.
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