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  1. Gsoul82

    To old to become a pro?

    I figured. That will do it. I suppose if you don't have it worked out by the time you're a fetus, you're screwed for life.
  2. I watched the whole thing and it didn't do that for me. I was wondering if that feeling could be generated in you independent of whether you're into the stuff the singer is singing.
  3. Gsoul82

    To old to become a pro?

    I wonder where she got it from that she might be too old...
  4. Yeah, that's what I'm saying, lol. I had to get lessons and have somebody tell me. I don't remember all that we did, but there were a bunch of things we did to test the voice out. I was always much more about how to do stuff rather than how everything works. All I thought made somebody a baritone or a tenor is that they just naturally had a low voice or a high voice; it was just whatever came out. I'd see some debates here and I never went back and forth because I didn't have much of an opinion. We did some exercises and he (the coach) commented on how I went into the higher range. By higher range, I mean the 5th octave. There was some "ease" to the way I approached it. Then we kept testing things and where I bottomed out (about a G2), I was told, was around where tenors bottom out. I had no idea, but that was true for some of the tenors whose ranges I knew. So, essentially, what was being said was that the way I approached the 5th octave, when using proper technique, made me a tenor. I had nothing to compare it to, of course, because I wouldn't know the way it feels to go into the 5th octave when you're a baritone if I'm not a baritone to begin with. It all made sense though. I thought for 8 years that I was a high baritone, then I found out I was a tenor when I applied the proper technique. It's amazing how easy things can be when you do them right, lol.
  5. How'd you get that bar on the left in Windows 10? Are you using a tablet? Anyways, to stay on topic, yeah, I heard about call mode. Sometimes it takes a hands-on lesson with good people to make sure you're doing things properly.
  6. ...And we're back
  7. Please answer this as one as it applies to you.
  8. Gsoul82

    Ear Issues

    You should go to the doctor. You have to pay to play.
  9. You're taping your mouth shut when you sleep? Go to the doctor. You've probably got improper technique, but that problem is then exacerbated by your throat issue.
  10. Gsoul82

    Best vocal course

    I think The Four Pillars of Singing deserves a spot in your list of consideration. I don't know about the other ones, besides Singing Success, so I can't speak on those. As far as Singing Success goes, I assume Singing Success 360 is some kind of revamped product from the original Singing Success. Let me tell you, Singing Success had me feeling like I had come up short. Lots of flashy stuff, but when it came down to, "Oh! How do I do that?", there was no substance. There may have been a change of heart and Singing Success 360 is an honest program, but I just can't make the gamble again. I can say that The Four Pillars is an expansive program with a wealth of knowledge. You'll be working on that stuff, while improving for quite a while. There's a lot of work to do, and that's a good thing for you. The guy who created it is a rock singer, so you will absolutely be able to develop your rock and metal chops.
  11. Gsoul82

    (Help) 4 Questions (Need Help From You Guys!)

    Can't imagine that number one would be an issue. Not sure about the other stuff. I think 4's fixed just by doing exercises throughout your range. At least that's what caused mine to be fixed.
  12. If you're doing it wrong. I tried for years to match these guys who were up in tenor range, because a lot of guys I listened to were tenors. I couldn't do it without flipping into falsetto and ending up with a completely different tone. I finally start working with somebody who knows and not only do I find I'm getting up in that range, I find out that I'm a tenor! After believing for 8 years that I'm a baritone. I got several opinions on that. Some thought I was a baritone, some weren't sure. It just goes to show that it doesn't matter how many times you do something or how hard you try if you're doing it wrong. Failure does not mean you can't do something. An important lesson.
  13. Gsoul82

    Devin Townsend, Suicide - Cover

    Wow, this is phenomenal!