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  1. Gsoul82

    Devin Townsend, Suicide - Cover

    Wow, this is phenomenal!
  2. Oh, I’m probably the only guy here among everyone else who isn’t a Rock guy, lol. All I know is I just went about 7 years thinking I was a baritone and am now being told I’m a tenor. For me, I was automatically singing with a very darkened sound because I was trying to imitate certain other baritones. It happened pretty naturally. I would just say that your best bet would be to have a skilled coach, who could hear you while your voice undergoes a test of sorts and they can hear you in different contexts. I say this because I showed people here a clip a few times and it seems unless it’s utterly blatantly obvious (a very deep voice or a very high voice), it’s not clear from one clip.
  3. I remember you posting before. Why can’t your teacher give you a voice type? You don’t trust him/her?
  4. Gsoul82

    Etta James, At Last - vocal cover

    That’s what I was wondering. It sounded like a growl to me. You don’t know how long I’ve been trying to learn that. Are you using the vestibular folds to produce this?
  5. Gsoul82

    Etta James, At Last - vocal cover

    Wow, never saw that coming. You’d call what you were doing there “distortion”? Or can you be more specific than that?
  6. You grew your hair back out? @DisgustingVoice Falsetto is a tool in your belt. Do you want to be able to do some of the job or the whole thing?
  7. Gsoul82

    So tired of being a baritone

    I think your perception is a little mixed up. You just said up there that you want to sing a G5 in chest voice, as if that’s what tenors do. I’m not an almanac of singing excellence, but I don’t know any full-grown man with two nuts to his name who is doing that, lol
  8. Gsoul82

    So tired of being a baritone

    Think about how you’re framing that. You are singing a “normal song” an octave lower. Songs are built for that singer’s voice. What’s normal for them isn’t normal for you. That even goes for two people with the same voice type. Yeah, you’re essentially repeating yourself though, lol. Why are they bad for singing?
  9. Gsoul82

    So tired of being a baritone

    Well, first of all, let’s relax. Way too serious. Second, why did you say this? And this?
  10. I was just thinking about the different styles of singing and I started to wonder, what are prominent elements in different styles?
  11. Gsoul82

    Am I a tenor or a baritone?

    You sound nothing like I imagined lol
  12. Gsoul82

    Am I a tenor or a baritone?

    Oh, I thought I saw you say you were a baritone somewhere else lol