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  1. True but in my experience people tend to do that better naturally than when they think about it. I'm not saying we don't use proper respitory techniques I'm just saying that if you're working on your voice with different things such as levels of compression or bridging registers good breathing tends to come naturally better than if you were to force it.
  2. I'm going to get a lot of hate for this but ... Breath support is overrated for most modern styles of singing. Just breathe from your belly and you should be fine. The amount of focus people put into breathing and supporting the right way usually just makes it more complicated then it needs to be. Stop thinking about it basically.
  3. First of all you're starting off better than most people I hear. However, work still needs to be done. I'd recommend singing with an instrument or a backing track to help you stay on pitch and singing at a lower volume so it's not as heavy. Those 2 things I think would help you a lot. You're tone is generally good but it does sound a little pushed to my ears. In my opinion the best trained singers sing sort of in between a regular talking volume and a whisper. I don't know if that makes sense but that's how I see it and imagining it like that is what helps me.
  4. My voice naturally has a little bit of rasp after singing for years but for the most part my voice is pretty clean. I'd love some tips to get more grit especially on the top notes!!
  5. I really dig it and I'm hoping it has radio potential. What do you think? Here's the Spotify link
  6. Youtube these days favors frequent uploaders. So, I've been posting a lot of quick simple covers and I'd love it if you could share some love. here's my latest cover of big thief
  7. I love Ben Folds and I love Elliot Smith so I figured I'd share this gem
  8. A big problem with my live shows is that I can't move as much because I am stuck to the piano. I want to be able to jump around and have fun like I do when I sing without a piano but I can't afford to hire another band member at this time. I have been seriously thinking of doing some shows entirely with minus tracks that way I can jump all around the stage and perform without being tied to an instrument and also keeping down the cost of hiring the musicians. However, a huge worry I have is that it might seem to cheesy. like i'm some guy at a karaoke bar. Say what you want about 21 pilots music
  9. I'm not really having any vocal issues but I do have issues performing it at live shows due to drummers not knowing how to play the song on the drums and people not able to sing the backing vocals. I've thought about using a minus track but that might seem to cheesy.
  10. Heres a little video my friend shot of me performing in the studio
  11. Ben folds is my spirit animal! If any of you don't know who he is look him up!
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