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Born to Die and This Place is a Prison - Please give feedback :)

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Hello Ashley, my apologies that someone has not been in here yet to give you a review. I have been very busy working out the details of the new changes around here, but here I am... ready to help you.

For starters... would you please try embedding your video, the instructions on how to to that are at the top of the forum. There is a link that takes you to a post that shows you how... just makes it easier and more entertaining for people to help you.

On with your review...

What you are doing here is so casual... so layed back that, it is hard to honestly judge you. I can't say that it is good or bad or much at all because there is barely any exertion of energy here. It is more like singing to yourself, like we all do from time to time, and less like a demonstration or performance of you singing. So, the first thing we need to do is get you actually singing with energy, not laying around on the bed mumbling because that is neither going to get you a good review nor is it going to help you with your singing.


Do this again and I want you to:

1). Embed the video into the post space.

2). Get on your FEET!... don't be laying around... that is not going to fly... get on your feet, you are about to sing with your best effort.

3). Get the lyrics in front of you. Print them out and actually know what the lyrics are.

4). Turn up the music, it seemed to quiet.

.... and sing this thing for real... embed version 2 in here... 


I commend you on having the courage to submit yourself singing for review... that says something. But now it is time to actually start singing. Get on your feet, stop "mope'ing" around and do this again with some energy and enthusiasm because if you don't believe in it, no one else will.

Tough Love Coach

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