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Themed Challenges Voting (December 2015)

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What Kind of Songs Do you Want to Sing?  

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  1. 1. What Kind of Songs Do you Want to Sing?

    • Songs about Love
    • Songs about Family
    • Songs from Musicals
    • Holiday Songs
    • Songs About Your Country

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It's time to shake up the challenges. This time, we won't be deciding on one genre, and then deciding on one song to sing. We'll be voting on a theme, and everyone will get to decide whatever song they want to sing.

If you've got any trouble deciding, I'll be here to help you with that.

As usual, people are encouraged to create the best recording they can make. Acapella is an option, if it really comes down to that, but production is a very valuable skill. A necessary skill, especially if you're serious about a music career. Several of us, here on the forum, are trying to learn this, so join us, and we'll all talk about it.. 

Voting will be open for about 5 days, because we won't be voting on songs to be sung. Those are completely up to you.

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I voted for love songs because the stuff I write is mostly love songs.


 I mostly sing love songs, so I chose something else. If Holiday Songs gets chosen, I might do Stevie Wonder's Someday at Christmas or Donny Hathaway's This Christmas. Maybe Georgia by Ray Charles if Songs About Your Country is chosen. I'll be down with anything though. 

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