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Working on the pitch

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Your intonation is ok-good... it is not really out... its is more really close or ok. The intonation would be a lot better if you could resonant better. The issue is not your ears, but the lack of a fully amplified resonance which is making the the higher frequencies in your formant too low/quiet... this resonance is too throaty. If you can get your resonance to "ping" off the hard palate and into the upper vocal tract more, your intonation will be better, your sound color will be better and your singing will be less fatiguing. You get numerous benefits from getting your resonation right.

Are you training with any training programs? You need to train and practice and learn about resonation and vowels. 

I hope this helps.

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Thank you Rob. I am trying to fix things one by one. I felt very uncomfortable with the headphones on and was out of tune all the time. It looks like it is slowly improving. Your feedback is spot on as always, I do hear it all sounds too throaty. I am exploring the ways to get the resonation right but it's not always possible to practice regularly to be honest. Although I have some spare time during the holiday season not only to practice but to explore your fantastic forum! 

Thanks again,


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