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Thank you for previous feedback! Feeling stuck/not sure how to improve

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Hi everyone,

I asked for feedback here over a year ago and really took the advice to heart! I've been practicing some more, but feel that I've kind of hit a wall with improvement. I want to become technically better and have a stronger voice (I feel I sound weak when I sing and I sound a bit flat) and I would like better vocal control. Any suggestions on what I could work on in particular?

I'm open to any kind of constructive criticism since I want to get to the next level, thank you in advance to anyone responding!

My Soundcloud:


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I think you have a great voice, love your relaxed style, nice use of vocal fry. Excellent for your verses, but agreed that you could amp up and solidify your choruses a bit more.

I recently came across EricArceneaux on Youtube (he offers some pretty solid free advice) - would highly recommend for you if you're not already utilizing diaphragmatic breathing. I've been trying some of his techniques and almost instantly noticed drastic improvement in stability of my notes. Basically the idea is if you breathe and push air with your lower diaphragm there's a LOT more power and stability.



Honestly I think Eric's videos would put you in a great place, but if you're REALLY looking for more power even than that, look up some techniques / practice routines on "belting"

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