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Tranquilize (The Killers)

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Hi there, another song from The Killers, because I just love them (and this song in particular).

I've spent most of the last hour going back and forth from the studio, the live and my version. My voice doesn't sound like his (:(), but I'm fine with that. I wondered though, seeing the live version... He doesn't seem to do anything to cut through the sound, apart from the chorus, yet he does. I'd bet he was using less volume than I did (apart again, maybe, for the chorus), and yet, he's heard better. I want this for christmas :(

As for the mic, cheap mic again. I can't seem to hold it more than 10cm away if I want it to record anything, but any nearer and it's distorsion's greatest party. It's just strange.

-2dB on the instrumental, +2 (only !) for the vocals. I also read somewhere about the " compression " option and was like " ok, let's click it on Audacity !". I have no idea what it does though :D

I kinda like it with all its flaws, probably because I just love the song, 'cause quite frankly, there are a whole lotta flaws :

- I'm not always right on time, especially in the end.

- There is at least one missed note

- It still doesn't cut through enough

- The mic overloads

- Gotta work on my plosives (is it the right word ? Talking about p, t, etc...)

- All these other flaws I can't hear yet

Original :

Mine : http://dl.dropbox.com/u/14571174/Tranquilize%20cover.mp3

(I actually follow the live version's vocals. I like them better, and I' can't be Lou Reed, Brandon Flowers, and a chorus at the same time (*) :))

I offer a virtual home cooked tasty chocolate made-with-love cookie to anyone telling me what this guy is doing on the verses and on the choruses.

Well, at least, I'm proud of my progress over the last year. It's been about a year since I started singing again (and less time exercizing. Kept almost silent for 3 years before this). I remember when I was doing everything an octave lower wondering why I had such a bad voice. I can't do it anymore now, this part of my voice is just too weak and uncomfortable x)

(*)Well the main reason is in fact that the high "failIng" sounds very fail done by me.

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Plosives is the the right word. With recording mics, if one can get one, a pop filter is placed between the singer and the mic to deflect the pop of the p's and b's. No prob, you've only got the mic you have. Trust me, been there, done that.

As for the performance, that is more of what I wanted to hear. You had better volume, which I think made your notes more solid. Nor were you shouting or blasting but it sounded like you had good support, a difficult thing to do, considering the vocal melody jumps, as if you were trying to sound like the Killers' singer and Lou Reed, at he same time. It was a great performance.

And now I'm going to ask you to do the hardest thing. Try not to sound like the singer in the Killers. Yes, he is singing softly and a bit raspy, especially at the beginning. I want you to sing like Ronron. You have the voice of a lion inside of you and I think you are holding back, trying to match what the timbre of the original song sounds like, to you. You've got good breath support and good resonance. I just want you to take your foot off the brake and put it in 3rd gear, so to speak. Again, this recording was really good and you seemed in your element, material wise. I want to hear you do it as yourself, not as Lou Reed, or Axl Rose, or Lou Gramm, or any other great and valid singer. I want to hear it as Ronron. You wrote this song, you felt it, it speaks from your heart. This is the departure from pure technique and exercises. How does this song make you feel? I want to hear that. And I bet it will be astounding.

I think, too, with your work on your voice and the discoveries you have made, the lower range you think you lost wasn't really yours, that much. How much you want to bet that you are actually a tenor?

On the verses, the guy is singing at such low volume, it's just about a fry. As if he were trying to mimick Lou Reed. The choruses have more support, even if they still sound quiet and fry-"ish" to you. What you hear and what he is doing are not always the same.

I want to hear you do this song as yourself and I don't give a flying *&%$ about curbing, overdrive, hold, whether your shoulder blades are touching, whether you drank tea. Sing what the song means to you. If it sounds even darker, great. Lighter, wonderful. You are a rock star, whether you realize it or not. And please, keep the accent. Not everything sounds better as an "american."

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devaitis : What do you mean by string connection ? Better abducted folds, with less air passing through ? I can probably do this with a bit more practice. Also twang, yeaaaah. I'm just starting to feel the place where it happens, I don't have a lot of control over it yet. And to be honest, I'm not sold on the sound of it yet :(

ronws : I'm not trying to have any accent other than mine and whatever vowel modification my voice feels like doing. I agree I somehow hold back, sometimes. I don't really know why. And it is possible I was trying to sound like the original singer. Anyway, a cookie for ya, as promised :)

Thank you both :)

I'll redo this when I have time. I've stumbled across some sounds and I wonder what it hears like :)

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Thanks for the cookie. I must say that I do have a sweet tooth, as we say here (predilection for sweet flavors.) Let us know how the interesting sounds work out.

And if anyone says you are singing "too loud," let me come over there and tell them "Ihre Mutter ist eine Strassedierner." Sure, it may start a fight, maybe not. But you will get to sing, nevertheless.

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