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TVS Students In Action - Randy Loran & Sergio Calafiura

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Robert Lunte

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Hey TMV Forum:

Its summertime and many of my students and teachers are out performing. Here are two recent videos that came to me via my facebook page.

This is Randy Loran (You can see him demonstrate some of the TVS workouts in the Classic Pillars 1.0 content) performing his original, "Breath". Seattle, WA.


This is Sergio Calafiura from Cagliari, Italy performing AudioSlave's "Cochise". Nice distortion work here that Sergio and I worked on together.


Both these guys are training to become certified TVS teachers.

I enjoy Randy Loran's "boomy" overtones on the high head notes. Notice how he shapes his lips to round the vowel on the high C#5s. With Sergio's performance, I think its a good example of "Overlay" distortion that we teach at TVS. Hope you find this to be interesting...

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I liked both.

Of course, Randy, with such a Tate-like sound it's uncanny.

And Sergio, channelling some Cornell.

Absolutely well done. And both sounded so relaxed. Kudos for Sergio singing on a street corner. That's rock and roll.

And Randy, for creating a memorable song with an infectious hook.

I can't pick one over the other and so, I will not.

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