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Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - my cover

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I'm coming back with a new recording

To realize it I choose to find an open choral sound.

I used Bright Double in Voicelive 2 and sent the signal in mono to Reaper in two different track one dry and one wet.

I was not very satisfied about an harmonic choice, so I took a second take.

When I went to comparing them I discovered that in the refrain they worked very well joined together as a natural harmony and not artificial one.

I mixed them all, then finalized with a mastering compression process...

I hope you like it :)


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I agree with sound26. The singing is great, on pitch, you pronounce the lyrics correctly, from what I can hear. And the problem with the mix is the articulation. Too much de-esser and the sybilants sound mushy. It took the fire out of the p's and b's, too. And make the vocals a little more prominent by dialing back the accompaniment, just a smidge. I mean no more than .25 to .5 dB.

And some might say, "Ron, you are one to talk." I am king of the crappy mix. But I have been studying and learning about that recently. Which doesn't make me good, all of a sudden. But I can now describe what I hear, a little better.

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no no.. thanks..

everything help to improve performance.

Having a good feedback on performance is already a good thing.

About the recording

I'm doing it without professional knowledge..

I have no antipop (and that could help)

It's recorded at home in a normal room and not in a silenced room.

Monitoring with headphones and without monitors.

It's my 3rd recording with this setup, the first two where made with a condenser mic through direct acquisition.

For this recording I decided to use my Voicelive 2 gear and it's MP-75 mic to try to have my usual live sound with me...

At the same time.. the result was to realize something more "post produced" putting together 2 takes... etc...

I'm learning trying to transfer on a recording the same feeling and energy I usually have in live...

As till now everytime i tried to record directly live performance... I never liked it.

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Trust me, Nightfly, I know where you are coming from.

I stink at recording and mixing. So, when it comes to just hammering out a song, I play it on guitar. And I record "live," meaning I am playing guitar and singing at the same time. It gives me a more blended sound, I think. Though my thinking could be in error.

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