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This is my voice, take a listen!

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You got a whole range of skills, effects and tricks under the belt there, good job ;)

Great sirening. You seem to be quite a lot in your head even far down in the normal chest range. Slight criticism: You were a little off key now and again when you were in your normal voice in your passagio and I was at first a little dubious of your voice until you started getting into what you really enjoy doing. So can R. Halford be, who you could probably take on in a match without feeling ashamed.

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Thanks Matt! yeah i know that chest is not my power ;) my chest ends on like F4 but i need to lighten it alot earlyer not to blow right into the "wall"

Yeah i could easily take on Halford in a match if it where in looks and charisma ;) in singing Halford is a beast -.-

Many of the points i use head very low is stylistic reasons:P

Like in the stick of the song i move from a falsetto thats very low down in the range up to a mixed quality thats higherup with alot of dist. I like to play with dynamic changes like that :D

at what point(time) in the song was i off? Gonna try to correct such stuff :P

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I would say the whole of your second sentence is a little iffy.

Then, "The thought of falling endlessly asleep", second verse and also the sentence afterwards, up until you get more comfortable as you ascend. Two more sentences where I cant work out the lyrics leading up to you going crazy towards the end (which you do quite eminently) sounded a bit suspicious too.

I think thats about it really.

The falsetto is a nice touch and sounds good and the hysterics at the end are quite impressive ;)

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well thanks for the response, il see if i can get those things sorted so im more spot on :P

just to make sure i got this right

the second sentence in the first verse

and in the second verse...

second verse:

when im gone your there

why do these rumours come alive

well your not breaking me*(half growl)

the thought of falling endlessly in sleep <--- so im off here

falling from the darkest corners in my mind<--- and this? going from chest to mix


nothing more or nothing less waiting for my kiss of death(scream)

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