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Am I singing in tune...where do I mess up? How is it overall?

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I agree with Keith but I will add something. Your vocal sample can be replaced with about a dozen others I have listened to here. It seems quite common for potential singers to come in and post a similar sample. Almost the same voice actually. Timid, quiet, no backing music, breathy, unrefined.

The vocal isn't bad, as Keith said, but at the same time it is untrained. Like the other samples some post here you aren't singing. What I mean is you are holding back and only showing part of your voice. The sample should play as if it were a CD and someone took the music out and left only the vocals. It is not. It is more like you are shy and trying to whisper the song. You can't be a singer unless you are willing to commit to a song. Sing it :)

You didn't sing bad...but you have to sing it like you mean it. And then you have to work on the techniques that will make you sound like you know what you are doing. it is one thing to sing for someone and have them say "not bad." It's another to have them go "wow" and want you to sing more. ;)

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