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My Vocals

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Hi all

Haven't been on here for a while now due to schedule going through the roof :D

But anyway I had a play about in my friends studio and did a couple of demo's one is a ballad I've had knocking about for a while and the other is a crazy version of a David Bowie :lol: song they are on my profile and open for all to listen to, would like some constructive crit if you up to it.

all the best


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  • Administrator

I like the vocal effects, cool.

Your high notes are raving madd and me likey!! I think its really cool! Great work man, really original and cool vocals.

I can tell those high screams are pretty much placed well... good vocal tract placement, Im sure it doesnt hurt does it... sounds pretty open and healthy... right?

would love to be your coach.

Hope this helps...

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wow thanks Robert :cool:

quite a lot of people don't like the J G song and they go for the Ballad?

I have some of your free vocal tips and vids which have helped but with three fantastic kids and not forgetting my wife (who supports me in everything 100%) I don't have the resorses to pay for Vocal training but i am blown away that you would like to coach me it's made my head swell.

A friend gave me the Brett Manning vocal tuition CD's and i'm working my way through them but they're not realy for Rock and Metal and anything else crazy that i like.

I have the Malisa Cross DVD's which are cool but i do dirty, gravel and dream theater clean so i'm bouncing back and forth.

what a way to start a new year Robert Lunte Likes my singing s**t i'm on a permanent high

Thank you this site is so cool :D

all the best


PS You have to try the new Boss VE-20 it is so cool I got one as a x-mas gift

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