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Amanda - Boston may you give me your opinions

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It was some month I didn't posted anytihng new.

I was for 5 months without my studio pc, then a home moving, last I changed style in my recording using different gear and less effects.

What do yo think about this result?


I'll accept all you honest critiques to improve my singing and my recordings.


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You can take my advice with a pinch of salt. Because I stink at mixing a recording. In fact, about the only vocal track I liked is where I didn't do any effects at all. Straight room sound, take it or leave it.

Your pitch was good and Brad Delp is a monster to cover on, well, anything. He sang notes that only dogs can hear.

I just wanted to hear it more clearly. The reverb and echo, I think, made it difficult the natural legato of the actual song. Which I think is ironic, since you said you used less effects. So, really, my only "critical" comment is on the effects. Is it possible to re-mix the recording with the vocal a little more to the front by means of less echo and reverb. Or, keep the echo and back off the reverb, just a little.

I'm not sure if you duped tracks for harmony and once or twice, I thought they were misaligned but I could be wrong.

Again, the singing was really good. I just wanted to hear it more clearly in the mix.

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there is no delay (effect) only reverb and not so long (14 ms)

I used in the refrain two or three takes so there could be a small delay between the takes. And naturally as I'm not a computer the human differences in small pitch between the takes.

The choice to suspend the voice in an ethereal level slightly back and not in front was a choice for the kind of song. I can move a little in front simply turning up voice folder gain.

I don't remembre the detail of the chain. I can verify and report here.

I discovered yesterday (much stronger in another recording) that the daw create a small disalignament between the backing track (coming from an avi file) and the vocal track after the rendering. This explain a lot of "timing problems" of different entity found in the old recordings... In the backing track here there is a choir too (I added mine) it's possible the disalignament is due to the rendering that changed time of the backing track.

I finally solved it.. since the next recording, I think could get better.

I took months to understand what could have happened.. as.. I heard everything going well, render.. and... after the half track... the sound was out of timing...:/:rolleyes:

I'll check asap.. if this "amount of delay" is due to the disalignament... between backing choirs and mine... after the rendering. If so.. I'll correct and post it again...

Thanks for your comments :)

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Here I am...

I changed the mix, deleted one of the 2 vocal tracks on the main vocal, and left the doubles only in the refrain and choirs... I think the result seems better...


what do you think now?

Thanks for your helps

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