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Little Things - One Direction, more importantly how is my pitcha

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I think you have a cute tone which is quite endearing. A very nice, innocent sound that is probably the exact opposite of what metal and rockers will enjoy but since I'm a pop guy I actually quite enjoyed the recording. With training you can keep your natural sound, but also take your voice to many places.

I think that the pitch is not terrible, and it would be improved a lot by working on your breathing. You can read a lot of great things here about that so have a look around.

If you listen to the original, then go back to yours, then you will notice a big difference in how rich the 1D singers sound. The most important is they are breathing so much more air into their singing, which is not heart; it's technique. There needs to be some level of practise and experience before our soul and emotion can really shine through and capture people.

Do NOT copy the guy sitting back on a chair singing with the guitar; that's just for show ;) Read, watch, listen, and learn. Find a programme to study at home or better yet, if you can afford it, get lessons from a teacher.

Keep singing!!

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