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New To Forum, wondering "voice type"

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Hey Everybody!

As the subject says, I'm new to the forum and was just curious if some of you would be able to help me figure out what voice type I am. I'll post a link with me talking (basically just rambling so you can get an idea of where I usually talk around) and at the end I do some scales to determine my passaggio and whatnot. I'll also post a link to a couple songs that I sing in (for my band) just to also kinda get an idea of where I usually sing about.

I seem to be having a hard time figuring out what I would be classified as a voice type. I tried taking lessons a while ago but that didnt work out (I mention it in the clip where I talk) she felt I was a bass, which I have a hard time believing that I am (I could be but I couldnt even sing as low as she wanted me to). Other people have told me I'm a low tenor (far cry from bass, right?) but I don't know if thats right either cause I have a hard time going over F4, there is a lot of strain (could just be poor technique and lack of proper training, no head voice).

Scales/Talking Clip



Any input would be appreciated! Thanks!

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May I ask why you're interested in classifying yourself? How will it change anything to know that you're a bass/baritone/tenor?

With all due respect you sound like you have plenty of exploring to do with your voice to find out what you can sound like. It seems like a beginner's voice with a good chunk of natural talent (staying in pitch and all). When you haven't scratched the surface of what you can do it's pointless to classify yourself - and classification basically only matters if you're going to be singing classical or musicals (where the part has a fixed tessitura and typically also a required timbre).

When I started out I discovered that my range was E2-D4. That top note eventually went up to G4 as learned a bit more control (of ugly yelling sounds). I didn't think about my range in terms of timbre and I didn't listen to recordings. Everything was clearly audible inside my head, so I decided that was my range. 10 years later I've learned a bit more technique (though not a lot) and now I think of my range as A2-F#4. I've have actually expanded my range at the top end without losing any low range, but decreased my perceived range. At my current level of ability the high end is much more powerful than the low, so it doesn't work in the same dynamics setting.

The moral of the story is that your range is relative to your technical abilities not only because technique lets you access new notes, but because it opens up new timbres whereas initially your voice just sounds in one way - and the choice of timbre imposes a limitation on your maximum range to a tessitura.

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