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Basic Love (Live!) - by me

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oh, oh...

you are someone I love

you are someone I must find

because I cannot win without your love

I cannot see, your eyes,

unclear to me every night

I go to bed

you are

you are my star

so be at peace

stay with the one's you love

oh, oh...


This is all through live. No cut or anything.

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Wow. Underneath that horrible mix is a good voice.. I am sure of it. Vocals are clipping, and it sounds like you are recording it with a earphone crammed into a pot of boiling water. Clean this up so we can listen to it lol. No offense man..


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oh man...

to be honest, I didn't like the song, its horrible, you use to much vibrato, and the song(if we call it like that) is really repetitive, not good, nooot good

so : vibrato is good but don't use it to much !!!

a song is made like this : introduction-verse-bridge(you can skip that if you want)-verse-(bridge)-chorus

don't repeat the same melodie again and again and again and again and again and again

but I belive that if you remove the exesive use of vibrato, you'll get a good voice,

I liked the tone of your voice, and I enjoyed the song at the begining, until I noticed what I noticed then I stoped(I didn't finish the track, I couldn't finish the track)

no hard feelings man, you'll be really disapointed, but work on what I said and I'm sur that your next track will be great !

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Yeah the mixing isnt the best but il overlook it :) this is alot better Than the lastone i heard. Alot of sensitivity in your voice.

Youve got your thing, i think it's cool. Personaly what i think would take this to the next level would be toning it down abit. Youve got this waver in your voice wich makes it very vunerable and emotional, I would NOT get rid of that. But if you refined the use of it and used more sparingly youve got à very powerful tool for your singingthere.

This is an example how i would have used that quality of yours(if i had it)

The ones that are not in versals i would keep straight no waver/supervibrato or swelling.

you are someone I LOVE(waver+vibrato)

you are someone I must FIND(vibrato)

because I cannot WIN(waver) without your love

I cannot SEE(waver), your eyes,

unclear to me every NIGHT(vibrato+waver)

What youve got is very special, but i would treat it as an Soprano high C. It's supercool and impressive, but if you show it to much or do it in every song youve got it loses it's "magic" and if you use it in the right spots and on the right words youll bring people to tears.

Please if you get any free time try this out cheers

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Thank you for your answers!!

Jens, What is a waver? To me waver is a bigger kind of "tone" that the vibrato vibrates with. it is more heavy, has more "mass". Please define more what you mean so i can be sure what you are talking about.

In almost every of the versales you've pointed out, to me that is a tone with an "E" in it. (waver)

And yes you're probably right about it, that i should tone everything down. I wouldn't record something like this if it was something more real, i mean if i could make money somehow or wanted anyone to listen to it like a hitsong, then i wouldn't go like this.

Keith, I have a pretty good mic, but something is wrong with the program when i export the file into an mp3. I don't know what to do! I've searched on google, but find no solution. I use Mixcraft 4.

mr-leonor99, yes i know. I just wanted to record something that was straight through live, and this is what came out. it's very simple the song :)

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The thing is, if you keep it straight and only add vibrato at chosen spots it becomes more powerfull and the vibrato and sensitivity comes to it's full right.

Now you add vibrato to like everything, this kindo cancels out all the things you can use to your advantage.

It's like, i would personaly add that vibrato t the words id Wanna stand out in à text.

All words are not equally important in à text, use vibrato on the words you consider most important.

And the reason you Wanna do it sparingly is because youd probably Wanna kick it up a notch in the end chourus and similar.

Listen to this, notice how smart he uses vibrato and how it Adds to the emotion of the song


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