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is this a legit head voice scream? by me

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*******Sorry I just noticed now that there is a separate thread for Vocal Critique. Is there a way where I can move my thread? THANKS!*

Hello! my name is Alcheh and I'm new to this community.

I've been singing for a while and I want you guys to diagnose my current singing ability.

This is a clip of me doing a scream:


and another one - Jim Gillette Tribute (test):



----reason for editing: I added a new clip

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thanks guys!

matt- yes I kinda feel that one too. Is there a way on how I can immediately adduct the cords?

chele1000 and DJDeth- I added a new link above and as for the song request, I'll try to record one tomorrow.

-------I hope Robert Lunte will give me tips and criticism on this one too.

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Ya, kinda short.. can we get more test sample?... however, it sounded like a twangy head tone... that is essentially the idea... the issue at stake here is not whether or not you can produce a heady scream... lots of people can do that, its not difficult. What is hard is learning to control your head tones, to be able to sing them on pitch, in the context of lyrics and melody and use them in an artful compositional way.

Its control and interpretation of phonations like this that you train for, not simply the ability to throw one out there, but this has promise. With a voice coach, you could learn to tame it.

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