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Songwriting contest, Please help me :)

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Gilad, I would love to help but I do not have a facebook account. Why do they always want you to sign in with a Facebook account?

Anyway, I did listen to some of the other songs and I do like yours better.

Good Luck and I hope you win it.

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Awesome, Gilad. I know I heard this in another thread. But I like the full production.

I really hope you win.

Serious as a heart attack, dude. Copyright this, if you have not already. If you are from outside the US, register the song with SESAC. If you are in the US or US territory like Puerto Rico, register with ASCAP. This is a cross-over hit. I can already hear it in several genres.

Soft rock, like your arrangement, your own track will sell like hotcakes. Don't be dissing the soccer moms. They spend all the money.

Hard rock - Jon Bon Jovi

Heavy metal or funky rock - Glenn Hughes and his band, Black Country Communion

Country - in your voal range, Faith Hill. Knock it down 2 steps, her husband, Tim McGraw.

R&B - re-phrase it as falsetto and it's the next hit for Justin Timberlake.

Torch song - sell it to Celine Dion.

Really, you have a hit song and a great arrangement. Go for it, like, now.

I swear, I may be okay as a singer but I should be a producer.

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