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Hi!)))Please , i wait your opinions Friends!

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Box.com wanted me to log in. But I was able to listen on Soundcloud.

The only rendition of this song that I ever heard was sung by Elvis Presley. You do not sound like him. :P:lol:

And great for you for you sounded like Sergio. And that was Awesome. Expressive, sad and beautiful.

I can not give advice to make it sound better. Other people could pinpoint where your accent came through and ask whether you wanted it or not. I loved it. Be yourself. Sing as Sergio can sing.

I did not hear where technique was lacking and to me Pitch was wonderful.

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It was a good job.

The accent makes me think of eastern european, especially with the pic on Soundcloud, which is the only recording I could hear.

If you want people to hear the recording from Box, you need to fix that link.

And I didn't see anyone asking if you used autotune, so, I am wondering where that comment came from.

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