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How Deep Is Your Love...Please Listen and Critique...Thanks to all

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That was great, Sergio. Excellent.

And brings back good memories. It was huge when it was initially released. But it also reminds me of my wife, Brenda, whom I have known since December 1993 and we were married in 2000. A surprise to me because I thought I would not re-marry after the passing of my first wife in 1992.

And so, these days, ibuprofen is part of my daily diet and my hair is starting to get thin (though it has not turned gray,) and my wife gets mailings from AARP (they start sending you that stuff when you turn 55,) but we are still that young couple, holding hands and kissing under a tree.

You should get ahold of Adolph, our admin and he will get it featured in the media site.

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