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Hmmmmm. Nobody commenting. I'll try again. :)

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This is the very first piece I ever did with a real mic (50 years old), though the interface was real cheap. The previous one I posted was the same mic but a good interface. This was just a test because I had no clue how to record. So I think of the one I posted previously as my first recording, because I had a full system.

You could say they are my first two recordings (since I did not have a microphone or any system before these,

nor had I recorded, played guitar or any instruments or sung in 20+ years; actually more) .

The voices are mine, and so are all instruments. I layered one on top of another and it took some time.

The wav file is here and I hope you can download it. If you cannot, I'll try and post an mp3.

If it sounds like crap please tell me. I won't feel bad. I promise. :) I have a long way to go to get back

to form ---- that is what I think. :)


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Well, first of all... put a link to the mp3, because the wav file is very heavy, haha

I liked it, although the main voice sounded very breathy. Maybe that was what you wanted, but even though it is not bad in itself, the problem is that it kinda clipped or somethin the whole time on the mic.

Other than that, it was a very intimate performance... you achieved that "closeness" on the song.

Was that what you looked for?

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Thanks Xamedhi. I was just focusing on getting the singing and harmony (mainly) right. My recording skills stink .... and because I have to pay attention to what is going on during recording, it distracts me a lot during singing.

I am slowly getting better at focusing. :) May I'll get to a point where I can just sing and not think about anything else.

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