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Please rate my singing : Winter's Bane - Nightshade

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Hi everyone,

I am self taught and I'd be grateful if you let me know what you think of my singing in this song.

This was 4 months ago when I sung mostly in the neutral mode but nowadays I can apply rasp to the high part of the voice.

I understand some parts are all over the place but I practice constantly and hope to get better at it.




PS. Most of the original vocals have been removed along with most of the center channel info.

PS2. If on mac/safari, you'll need safari 5 to view this link.

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I thought it sounded fine. Spectacular register shifts

Thanks a lot ronws, glad you liked it

Really nice. I liked the high parts, what's your range?

Thanks HolaChau, the range I think is 3 octaves ? Here's an example demonstrating most of it :


I can go a bit lower and up to the B above the higher note you hear in this 2nd example but that's pushing it too much.

Hearing my winter's bane clip after 4 months, I'm dismayed by the amount of pitch errors and my drifting in and out of modes.

Staying "in the center" of the mode is sth I'm really paying attention to now.

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Hi all,

I'm reviewing my samples and would like to know if there are any criticisms about this performance.

I feel I haven't stayed "in the mode" all through the song and that I could apply a bit more growl on the high notes.

Any suggestions are welcome, I am interested in improving myself.

Thanks in advance,


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Great singing there. You are going from mid voice to really high and it sounds like you have great control. Nice Job!

Thanks for taking the time to listen and for your comment. Hopefully I'll soon be able to sing simple everyday tunes in as a controlled way - I'm constantly practicing on that and this forum's a great help.

Thanks again guitartrek.

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