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House of the Rising Sun cover

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This song has been around for LOOOOOOONG time. Most people know it through "THE ANIMALS" in the 60s But it was a standard in the Blues era early 30's. It may have been written by a young girl in kentucky, at least the earliest found written copy along with the chord progression was written by a young girl in Kentucky.

The song has been recorded in the Styles of Blues Country and Rock throughout the years.

Why do I mention all of this? Because some will point out that you do not sound like "The Animals" the most popular of the renditions.

I like the RnB feel that you have to this. It is about time that someone recorded this in the RnB style.

You were off pitch in a few places. Mainly from singing without music to guide you. Find a backing track somewhere and practice with that so you do not continue to practice it with the pitch errors.

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