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Sanctuary - Battle Angels

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Hi! I've been asked to sing Painkiller many times, but I find that song boring so I've recorded another song with that type of voice (ignore the verses; I'm just doing whatever)

You will find loads of things to criticise because I can't handle that kind of voice good enough yet, but for some reason that type of voice is very hard for me to handle. I lack control (both of pitch and timbre) and I've got problems with enunciation. But I think I will get there! :)

The first seconds of this clip display the skill level I'm trying to reach:

While I'm on the subject, this is how Halford sang Painkiller live '91:


Anyway, here is me screaming like an angry witch:

Also, I've kept the instrumetal kinda low so you can hear my voice better. I remember someone asking for the acapella in my last thread, and I guess it was because the instrumental was a bit too invasive.

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You got my attention there…

You have a raw talent, you can do any genre of music you set your mind on.

I checked all of your songs and was a bit shocked by the power of your voice.

Yes there are pitch and timbre issues, but the bottom line is… if you had been in

a studio with someone to let you know while your record and if you had

the time to do as many takes as you need to get it perfect it would sound every bit

as good as any professional singer out there.

Well done Enander!

Please PM me as I'd like to get the raw tracks for Battle Angels - please.



PS. Painkiller is boring ? Ts ts ts ts … the youth of today.

Just kiddn'

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akaward thanks for the kind words! :)

Yes, I guess that's true, but it will not impress people when I sing live haha! But then again, my typical style of singing is... well, let's call it an acquired taste :P So I guess that's a moot point.

Haha! I enjoy listening to Painkiller, just not singing it :D I may be (kind of) young, but my taste in music spans both great time-lines and genres. I don't consider Painkiller that old though. Battle Angels is older :O

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I agree with Thanos. You have some killer tone, maybe a little too much for some people in some places but that is an aesthetic consideration, rather than a technical one.

You should keep doing what you are doing.

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ronws Well, the lower parts of my "witch voice" is too gritty/ugly, but it's the easiest way I can do it. But, I think I can ease up on that when I get more comfortable. Because at this point it's too low for me to really being able to "grip" the note.

bono1982 Thank you, and I agree with you! :) I'm looking for a nice song where I can utilise my whole voice!

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