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Cyber Agent Saviour - Original Prog Rock

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I have minor hearing issues and i cant hear trebles perfectly and some of the mids, keep that in mind as i tell you this sounds to me bass-heavy. Also i'd say the vocals should be about 5-10% louder, at the start when instruments play low its better but later its somewhat covered. Nice instrumentals and vocal melody, i missed lots of the lyrics but thats normal for me :P and unnecessary for my critique.
Personally i would change few things like keeping the vowels at the end of the words a bit longer when possible. Also i can imagine it as a metal song with more projected aggressive guitars and vocals. Anyway, very good job, i liked the whole atmosphere of the song.

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Thanks for listening and commenting. I agree on the mix being bass heavy, and vocals being a little quiet.


If you are interested, here are the lyrics:


(verse 1)

Where are you going tonight?

Gonna hide in the shadows,

Away from the light

An undercover agent, a spy

Bound and determined to stay out of sight


(pre chorus)

Another case is pending

Have to find some more clues

Tie up the loose ends

Then we'll have the truth



Just enough time to save the day

Read the prophecy well

Now he can be on his way

To set the prisoner free,

Only he has the key.


(verse 2)

How are you feeling so far?

You're now free from the shadows,

Ready for the fight

An undercover agent, a spy

The innocent pawn, the fool

Screams in pure delight






Open up the trap,

Shut down the main frame

Open up your eyes

Its all been bad dream

Wake up to a smile,

Cyber agent saviour

Shake the hand of the man

Who pulled the plug from the screen




Cyber agent saviour x4

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