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Falling Down - Muse (live with falsetto)

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Here is me singing the song Falling Down / Muse from the record Showbiz.

The occasion was end-of-term concert with my singing "class" (or whatever). It was filmed from the side by another student.

There was maybe 60 people in the audience.

I messed up at some point (lost the key!) but I managed to keep calm and I found my way back. I'm quite proud!




There are some effects being applied (reverb? compressor? not sure!). 


What do you think? What do I need to work on?

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It sounds like above all else, you gotta keep performing live. Cause when you're on, you're doing good, but when you stumble, you stumble. And I'd be willing to bet nerves have a lot to do with that.


For things to work on at home, probably the stuff we all work on. You could train with a qualified teacher. Work on a less falsetto kind of head voice if you want, I like falsetto a lot myself. Musicality stuff like intervals between notes. Isolated vowel training. 


Try recording a song for us to hear within another context with less nerves maybe. I don't feel qualified to view your first major concert performance and tell you what to work on, as the live recording scenario from sound quality to nerves makes it difficult to know what to suggest.


When you're relaxed and at home, and chilling, what about your voice is most challenging to master and get a hold of? What holds you back? What are your long term goals? Live is kind of it's own kind of training, imo. You might train a skill at home, but live you might lose the key. Unless you are Nitro, you're probably not going to go in front of an audience wailing out siren after siren. So training, and live performance are different skills.


I did want to congratulate your bravery and encourage you to continue training your voice and performing live. It isn't perfect, but it will get better, right?

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Thanks both for your replies :)


For this song I wouldn't do it much differently even if I could; for Muse I prefer this type of falsetto! But it sure is harder to do while nervous than "regular" non-falsetto singing. At least for me! But loosing key never happens for me so that was new and probably due to the liveness; will need to work on that! I think killer is right that I need more experience singing live; it is harder for different reasons. Breath support breaks down from time to time ;) I took this song for being more safe since I could't reach all the high tones I wanted in the other songs I was considering.


If I ever record something at home that I'm happy with I'll post it here and then we can take the live-stuff out of the equation!


Thanks for listening!



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