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Please listen - Recovering from reflux

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Hey all. I've been absent for a while because on new years eve I had a severe case of gastroenteritis, or however it is called in english.  It came with a nasty, very nasty reflux, which affected my voice drastically, and now I've been recovering from it. 

Progress has been slow, but steady. For a couple of months my mid range was completely gone, with only air leak, and in some good days some muffled notes could be sang. 
I was told by a singer/teacher friend that if the sound was bright and ringy it should be okay to sing, and I listened to him.

Well, today I was practicing and exploring my "new voice" as usual and I felt my headvoice quite well so I decided to try some stuff. 


Don't Stop Believing bit:   ( not compressed or processed, I only removed noise.  )


I am well aware of some off pitch places and that the ending was crap haha, but I was quite tired and I didn't want to force that cool high.  (I hit a plate while singing, that's the weird noise, haha, I left it because I thought it was funny )

I was hoping if fellow singers and teachers could tell me what do they hear, how do they hear my voice, if I should take certain precautions I am not aware of, or if someone has had a case like me before I would greeeatly appreciate any input.

​Thank you very much guys :)

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Hey man, sorry to hear about your health problems. Luckily, you seem to be recuperated. I thought you sounded good with a relatively light head/mix voice. Welcome back! Sorry I don't have any advices for you, only compliments... :P

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