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Whats wrong with my technique/tone?

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Hello. I'm mostly a producer and a instrumentalist. I've been getting frustrated lately because the music I produce needs vocals but I can't really sing that well and don't have a very good ear for vocal production.

I would hire a singer but I dislike the idea of having to "piggyback" on someone else's voice just to release music.

I would hire a voice teacher but I'm a broke college student at the moment who can't really afford consistent back to back lessons

As a result of all this I'm trying to learn how to sing. I have an ear for pitch from playing guitar & piano for years. Not so much for vocal tone though. Sometimes I'll sing and even though the pitch is right the vocal still sounds bad. What is the cause of this and what can I do to fix it? Here's some examples of me singing. Theres a cover included but it has background music so the "clyp" links you can hear my voice better.








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