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Whats wrong with my technique/tone?

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Hello. I'm mostly a producer and a instrumentalist. I've been getting frustrated lately because the music I produce needs vocals but I can't really sing that well and don't have a very good ear for vocal production.

I would hire a singer but I dislike the idea of having to "piggyback" on someone else's voice just to release music.

I would hire a voice teacher but I'm a broke college student at the moment who can't really afford consistent back to back lessons

As a result of all this I'm trying to learn how to sing. I have an ear for pitch from playing guitar & piano for years. Not so much for vocal tone though. Sometimes I'll sing and even though the pitch is right the vocal still sounds bad. What is the cause of this and what can I do to fix it? Here's some examples of me singing. Theres a cover included but it has background music so the "clyp" links you can hear my voice better.








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  Singing is hard to write about, especially when it is about tone. I do not really hear anything wrong with the tone, but then again it all depends on what style of music is behind the singing.

   In these examples you are singing word for word with distinct stops between each word, like each word is a separate note. In some styles that is good but with others it is bad. Think of singing in terms of phrasing. There is not a hard stop between words but a continuous flow, unless of course if the song calls for that.

  The voice is another instrument. When you are playing a lead on the guitar do you stop each note before you play another? or are you playing four or five notes in succession with some of the notes sustaining? At the same time you are also expressing an emotion with your voice. Using dynamics to express the feeling. When you are happy and expressing love for someone do you yell at them like you are mad? Not if you want them to return the feeling. You use a soft tone when expressing love and a Harsh tone when expressing Pain or anger. Phrasing can be thought about like that also. Slow and melodic for expressing love and quick and blunt for anger or pain.

   These are just guides to give you a different way of thinking about singing.

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I like it!

Cool lyrics... 

Cool vocoder effect.

I concur with MDEW, Im not hearing anything that is necessarily "bad". Some lessons could help you to clean up your articulation a bit. It is impossible to go over it in a forum post. Try "popping" off the plosive consonants more, it will clean it up rhythmically and make it groove more. More "pop" between the words... less connecting... for a rap like this.

Cool contribution.

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