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  1. Coach Robert, are u still doing youtube videos?  I haven't seen anything new in awhile.  I always enjoy them and find them helpful.

    I can't afford the course at the moment so I always look forward to the youtube teachings.

    1. Robert Lunte

      Robert Lunte

      Thank you. I will do more in the future, however I have backed off for a while. I am rebuilding TVS into a marketplace of TVS courses from many coaches and a new membership service.

      I am also building this new business, www.coursecreek.com.

      You said you enjoy my YouTube videos because you can't afford to purchase my courses. Exactly my point... I need to make a living. YouTube does not make money. It feels like a drain of time and energy. I just can't make it a priority.

      Btw, I have a huge TVS course available here for $9 to $20... great deal.





    2. HiCu
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