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New user, male, Singer from Sweden. Bring down the thunder!

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Hey guys, and girls to ofcourse!

Ive been randomly browsing around this forum and reading, listening, picking up a few things here and there.

All ´n´all Ive gotta say you got a fantastic community going on around here, and I hope to be a part of it.

Just a few short lines about me:

Im 24yrs old, live in Sweden and ive been singing since I was 17, not long before my 18th birthday.

When I was 20yrs old I started to take my singing more seriously then ever and from that point on my goal has always to become better and better in what I do (or trying to do?).

I love rock music, to be more exact I love rock from 70s/80s, listen to alot of Aerosmith, Whitesnake, Zep, etc. and alot of AOR music.

I have a clip for you guys that´s from 2009, its me singing Hush by Deep Purple, doing it acousticly with a friend in the studio.

We pretty much just went into the studio and said, lets lay this sucker down. Took a few takes (splitting up verses and chorus, and adding/playing around with a few strange backing vocals in diff keys/pitch <--dont know the word for it in English, help me out here).

Other then that I know theres a few really rough parts in it, but I really didnt want to do alot of retakes for each part so I just let them be as they are now.

Let me know what you think! I would appriciate it greatly!

Sorry if you get a hard time reading/understanding all of this, English is not my native language :D

Here it is!


Sry for the file, couldnt find a place where I could upload this to play directly in the brower, I hope you all listen to it anyway! :)

You can just choose to open the file with any music player you have, dont need to save it on your computer :)

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Well done. The effect, to me, was the original intent of the song, done acoustically as if by Collective Soul, another band I admire. Your vocal tone reminded me of Collective Soul, yet you could some high notes, albeit lighter than Ian Gillan. Fantastic harmony. I especially liked that you went low in harmony as this helps accent the higher bits more than just doubling the higher bits themselves. It's like experiencing dark helps one appreciate light all the more. Heaven is made a little sweeter by a taste of Hell.

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Thanks alot you guys!

Your replies really made my day over here, thank you for that!

Coming back to the song itself, aside from there being a few mistakes here and there.

I am really interested in how you guys interpret my vocal TONE.

The quality of my vocal tone and how its beeing heard (what kind of emotion am I giving out, and/or what does it remind you of, and is there any other way I could try sing to make it better) is what im really out to inprove.

Nice to se another member from Sweden here! :D

Again, thank you so much! :o

Edit: Ive managed to upload the clip on youtube, so you dont have to download it! :)

Im guessing since im posting my youtube user here yall gonna see my other clips, so I better post them here also :P

Deep Purple - Burn (Live)

Kelly Clarkson - Since you been gone (own version)

Own song, I have no idea what this is lol, im just adding diff. harmonies as a goof to make an "R´n´B" song, with lyrics suitable for the genre lol

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Well, you sound different on "Burn" and I'm not sure how much of that is due to being live, which often involves different mixing strategy and what makes it through on your portable. On that one, you sound like Jesse Dupree of Jackyl. Until the bridge, then you go into this clean tone, a cross of Linkin Park's clean tone and that of Hartnett (?) of a-ha. But your high notes were definitely reminiscent of Ian Gillan. Then, later, you go back to the Jackyl sound (slight rattle and some rasp.) The whole effect of "Burn" from your guitarist and bassist was surf music. That Dale sound that helped Leo Fender develop an amp that would stand up to energetic music.

I totally enjoyed the "Jimi" version of "Since you been gone." There, it reminded me of Black Crows, but with a stronger, cleaner voice. It reminds me of the times I have changed the meter and feel of a song, just for fun. I have done a country version of "Sweet Child of Mine." I have done a kind of Texas Swing version of "Highway to Hell." I used to play Judas Priest's version of "Johnny B. Goode." That one is not found on any studio album. In fact, it was a live cut that was not released except as a promo to record companies. Well, a friend did the clean-up on Atlantic Records, 25th birthday party and that was one of the items left to "throw away."

And as I noted before, your acoustic version of "Hush" made me think of Collective Soul. You have a really good blues tone, but you can also hit some really clean notes. The clean notes in "Burn" were so noticable because they were light, juxtaposing the heaviness of the song, a song that was heavy in spite of the surfer guitar arrangement.

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It is fun to play around and try to change the feeling of a song as you mentioned :D Would love to hear anyone of those you listed yourself! :)

Yeah I do sound different on Burn, personally I dont think its any good at all. Its up there mostly as a memory for me and my friends.

I crack (not in a controlled way) ALOT during the song, also the long notes I dont really have a grip over them in this clip. The highest notes / falsetto screams, are way to low and to hollow then how I originally sing them.

I think you can hear under the last verse in the clip that my voice feels "steadier" (atleast I hear it very clear)

Much of this insecurity that you can hear in the song is because I had to rush on the stage :D

I was backstage and it was part of a production, ive missed the announce that I was going up on stage in the monitor that we all had in our dressing rooms.

I was actually in the bathroom :o When I heard the intro riff going off I totally lost it and went "SHYT!". Had to abort the plans of urinating halfway in and run to the stage with all my power.

When you hear me sing the first notes "the sky is red.." I just litteraly grabbed the microphone.

Because of this I had HUGE problems with having a controlled breathing and to sing with support, my head was in a totally other place :D

Just a fun story behind it I guess ..haha

Cool that you think im on my way of having a good blues voice tho! That has been my primary aim for a long time, bluesrock vocals.

Im gonna be sure to check out the band you said I sounded like!

Thanks four your response!! :)

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Collective Soul and their song "Shine"

Of the songs I mentioned, I will have to re-record them. If you have heard any of my latest submissions from "Rainbow in the Dark" from Dec. 5 onward, I have a new mic. A real mic. So, to do justice to what I am talking about, I will have to re-record with the new mic. Plus, with the USB interface that I have, I can directly jack in my Flying V, either just the guitar, or through my Roland GS-6 digital effects unit. And it would be me playing guitar as I don't think there are any backing tracks out there with the songs re-arranged as I did them.

And, you are in the right place to learn about breath support, etc.

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