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Review For A Few Covers I did recently

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Dear all, 

I am new to this forum. My name is Timothy Christian Liu, and I am an intermediate singer who is working to be an aspiring vocalist. My genre includes folk, acoustic, and a bit of pop, although I went through a bit of classically-based training for a little while. I am glad to have found this forum and encounter a ton of talented singers here, where hopefully we can share and learn from each other.

I recently did a few covers of these songs, just for your listening: 

Here, There And Everywhere (The Beatles) Cover - The Most Recent One 

I Will (The Beatles) Cover 

Cake By The Ocean (DNCE) Cover 

All I Have To Do Is Dream (The Everly Brothers) Cover 

Time Of Your Life (Green Day) Cover 

I recorded all the guitars and vocals (lead and backing) on my own. Granted, some of these recordings are done quite a while back when I have not learned to get the best recordings from my mic, so apologies for that. I hope you all enjoy it and comments and feedback are absolutely appreciated! 

Regards and God bless always,

Tim :)

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Your Review:

- Nice pretty voice, it leans toward the "falsetto spectrum" but is not typically falsetto... sometimes... in any case a windy falsetto and lightly compressed twang used in this fashion is ok and stylistically acceptable.

- NICE Harmonies!!

- Your production, recording is pretty good... you could benefit from turning up the music a little bit.

- Your intonation / pitch is pretty good, not a big concern.

Overall, I think its pretty good!


Areas of Improvement:

- Try to replace the windy falsetto with more twang compression if you can. In order to do that, you are going to have to train to get a feel and control over vocal twang. It will make you stronger and give you capabilities with other songs as well.

- ON your onsets, how you start... get in right on the note... straight in. Don't come in low and scoop. This is very common... singers "hit' low and then tune UP to the note in 1/2 a second. Too much of this and it adds up to make you sound pitchy. It is just not best practice, BE AWARE of this and fix it.

- Turn up the track in the recording.

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By the way, Robert, you mentioned about my voice leaning 'towards the falsetto spectrum'. Does that have to do with me using a headier mixed voice although I feel like I am stretching my full voice much higher? Just to clarify so that I can understand my voice better. Thanks! 


Tim :)

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