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Newb Singer

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I just recently started singing but I actually have no clue at all wetter I totally suck or not..

here's an attempt at a song I've been listening to often lately. (Gotye-Somebody that I used to know)..

The quality is quite bad and it's not my best attempt at a song, was kinda shore, if that's the right word at all..

oh well, please give criticism, let me know if you like it.. points that I have to improve etc..

Link: yes.mp3 - 9.47MB OR http://www.zshare.net/audio/98587381ef7325a9/

Ty <3

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Thanks for the reactions, next time I'll use another website, one of the few you mentioned, to upload my song.

Also appreciate the criticism, I'm not sure what they are all about but I'll look them up and work on them

and send in a new song when I feel I've improved on those points.

I don't really have a practice routine, and I don't know what one is supposed to be like

but I just sing at home from time to time.. I enjoy doing it.

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