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"Someone's Night" (a song i'm singing on)

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I wish I knew what the lyrics were and what the song was about. Most of this was vocalizing, mainly incredibly sustained notes that I could cook a roast by. And yes, I can get away with saying that because I once put a "forever" note in a song and even I hate that I did that, distracting from the feel and the intention of the song. I was just showing off, and I knew it, no excuses.

And yes, you are off pitch. And the one thing that makes me think this was not simply a monitor problem pulling you flat all the way through, is that you were on pitch, in a few spots. But the off pitch spots were more numerous than I could count. And I would rather point out pitchiness at a certain point in the verses or choruses. I can't do that here because there doesn't seem to be an articulation to point out. Legato is one thing but this has no definition.

Most people are off pitch because they are not hearing the note in their head. Or, all they can hear is the note they are singing and not the music to which they are singing.

There ain't no easy way to fix it. You need to have something that presents the true note and then, if you cannot tell when you are matching that note, you need someone, maybe your father, telling you when you are on pitch. Once you know that from him, lock that in your memory and say "okay, that's what that note feels like." For example, have him play a C4 and work on that until you get it locked in. And work in intervals, rather than the 8-tone chromatic. Yes, that has intervals but something different than that may help with a sense of melody.

Other suggestions I have learned are that once you hear the right note, link it with a picture in your mind. Either a color or an object. It is a mnemonic to link the right thing in your mind. You have to see the note before you sing it.

Aside from that, you have a good vibrato and a rather shiny sheen to your voice. I think it's even brighter than mine, and that's saying something.

Or, you could get a singing coach or teacher and they might have the right suggestions to correcting the pitch problems.

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Hi ronws,

thank you for your correction and advice! I thank you for that. I need to work more on my voice, it is not as stable as I want it to be.

I think I need someone to help me with my voice, like a teacher. I've done it a couple of times, but not more than that, unfortunately. But it will come.

The singing is working for me in my ears, somehow. Because I find it to be beautiful, how the melody flows up and down. :) But it's not in my town it's happening. The thing is, I hear too that it's off-pitch every now and then, but it's OK for me to listen to.

It's not perfect at all, it needs work.

PS. I updated the video, now it works again. High Quality, 720p.

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i think what makes you great is whats ruined it for you...

Youve got something haunting about your voice, i mean that in à good way.

sing abandoned by kamelot or something of that calibre...

this is like 5 mins of toneswelling, heck sing something! Give us love joy hate anything!

ive heard some songs of you before, never forget your tone. All sounded similar to this, alot of nothing.

youve got that kind of voice you Want to hear tell à story, youve got alot of emotion in your voice

wich very few have. you Channel that into like lalalaaaaaaa ooooohh laaaa lööööö...

Edit: what im trying to say is youve got a great voice, use it ... ;)

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