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please rate my singing

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Hello all I am a bass player and have been playing for a little while, have done some back up singing in previous band nothing major. We have lost our singer in my current band and have recorded some tracks (live off the floor then some over dubs/effects ect and vox added later)

I have done some vocal tracks for 2 of the songs (the same idea mostly one tack reverbe and delay added to them)

I would appreacte any critisume or input on how you think they sound are they useable????????

I would like honest input from people who are not in the band or friends/relatives

thansk very much for taking the time to listen and reply

you can find the tracks at


thx for any feedback/critisum

PMU I feel is the weekest track

BIB/FMOW are harder rock

GTR/PMU are poppy

Delusion/DAW are slower songs

these is a tack of me singing some cover for review too


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PMU the vox were tracked mult times it was a week performance on the gtr and the vox I felt, I was going to leave that track out for that reason. The idea with the vox was to have the main vocal and a backing behind it almost in a round.

thanks for listing and replying

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K I will record a rtm GT of the vs and sing it

I will do it and upload it on mon/tus

I figured I will add vocal track to some of the tacks that me and my brothers have done

to hear them with our own music

I tride to put a 2ed take under the main one that I did to fill the vox out on the tracks

thx again

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Witchy Woman - off pitch everywhere. Not a single note on pitch. That takes some kind of concentration.

Is this a test to see what we will say?

I always find it extremely odd when a bass player has no sense of harmony. For the bass is a harmonic instrument and the singer sings against the bass, actually.

All I can say is get to a coach or someone with a set of ears that can hear pitch. Then, play the pitches on an instrument that is actually tuned and let them be merciless until you have matched the pitch.

You are not visualizing or feeling the notes and that is why you are off.;

And that's the nicest way I can put it.

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Most of the pitches weren'y great. record yourself over and over again. Find a note that is comfortable for you to sing and play it, then visualise the note (without singing it) for a few seconds, then sing it. Do this on one note, then 2, then 3, then 4 etc and work your way up to long phrases. You will get there if you want it

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Ron: I think it's a test to check you don't automatically say "Good Job" to everyone. You passed.

ashiels1983: Honestly listen to yourself on these recordings. If you cant tell yourself that you are out of tune pretty much all the time then you are a lost cause. If you can hear that then you've got starting place.

Gina had some good suggestions. Record yourself, listen back, and don't let your self get away with anything that is less than good.

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Ashiels, Can you tell when your bass is out of tune? Can you tune your bass by listening to it?

Are you playing the bass on these samples that you posted? And did you figure out the bass lines for these song?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you too can learn to sing. You need to learn how to match your voice to different pitches. Start by matching one note at a time on your bass. Strike a note on your bass. Open D 3rd string. That is the second smallest string on your bass. Listen to the note and your voice at the same time. Try to match the sound of your voice to the sound of the bass.

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