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I just joined this forum today.

I'm an amateur in singing. At the age of 52 I decided it was time to start to put this passion into practice and that's when I realized that singing is not easy as I spent my life since childhood thinking it was!

I've been recording on Karaoke sites to practice and hopefully improve my singing. Yesterday I received a critique about my style where a member of that site said my style is "flagged" and it left me wondering what it means. I didn't ask it directly to the person. I guess I should have :cool:

Well, instead, I decided to ask you!

Thank you for reading.

PS: I also joined our local choir but I haven't seen much improvement in my performance :|

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flagged doesn't mean anything. Maybe you misheard, or maybe they were an idiot.

Why dont you sing something, record it, and post it here. We'll give you some feedback using proper words.

Being 52 isnt a bad thing, Tom Jones is 73 and he sings just fine.


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