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  1. Ms. Diana Yampolsky is one of the world's foremost specialists on the topic of the human voice and is the creator of Vocal Science(TM), a unique and truly revolutionary accelerated vocal development technique. It is a holistic and scientific approach to voice mechanics that enables all singers and speakers to reach their full potential in an extremely short period of time. Based in Ontario, Canada, Diana works with a worldwide spectrum of clientele as a Vocal Coach/Consultant, In-Studio Vocal Production Expert and Non-Surgical Voice Repair Specialist.If you feel that you, or a loved one, may be suffering from such voice disorders like Spasmodic Dysphonia, contact us: info@vocalscience.com | 416-857-8741
  2. Hi Stephanie, This is Jamie Mckay, Diana Yampolsky’s assistant and office manager of The Royans Professional Vocal School, Division of The Royans Institute for Non-Surgical Voice Repair, writing to you. Ms. Yampolsky can definitely help you with your query. For more info, you can contact her via our email (info@vocalscience.com) or directly by phone (416-857-8741) You can also visit our sites - www.vocalscience.com | www.repairyourvoice.com Best regards, Jamie Mckay Office manager The Royans Professional Vocal School On behalf of - Diana Yampolsky B.M. Ed. World renowned Voice Repair Specialist Specializing in Extreme Voice Disorder Cases. Alternative and holistic approach to voice mechanics. The Royans Professional Vocal School Division of the Royans School for Non-Surgical Voice Repair
  3. The answer is: Dealing with something serious like that cannot be self-served. Nevertheless, one of the commercials on weight loss for men says: “If you could do it alone, you would’ve done it already.” - Harvey Brooker Indeed, but some people still think that if they knew the diagnosis and somewhat (in theory) how it could be treated, they would have attempted fixing their vocal issues by themselves… The fact is that any voice problem, by definition, is already an internal problem; and thus, has to be treated very seriously and by a qualified voice specialist. The work with a damaged voice is usually very detailed and very intense, which applies to both sides: The injured client and the voice repair specialist. Without the guidance of a highly qualified professional, it is virtually impossible for the sufferer to lift their voice and re-channel it into the different set of muscles altogether; and on top of that, put those muscles (facial and abdominals) to work in full conjunction and coordination with each other. The above formula would allow the person to release their vocal anatomy from the pressure of the sound; and thus, allow the bruised throat and the vocal cords to heal. Moreover, the person has to adapt a new way of speaking, as well as singing (where applicable). It could be very much so equivalent to the modification of a whole “blueprint” of the person in question. Let’s say that a “dancer” was dancing for quite a few years with the feet inwards instead of outwards. Nevertheless, the dancer had gotten used to it and even felt quite comfortable with it until such time that his/her ankles and knees started to give out. So now, we have to restructure the feet position in order to save the dancer’s joints; and, as a side effect, finally teach him/her how to dance complying with professional standards and how not to damage the structural components of their body. In this case, (and as well as in any other case), we will, first of all, be teaching the brain to think differently and translate that thinking into the physical body (first in the slow-motion and then on an “automatic pilot”, so to speak). This methodology has similarities with what’s called Neural linguistic Programing. The above discipline advocates that, via special skill application, it could change and “replace” the certain modality of the certain behavior in one’s brain. As you see, my reader, it sounds pretty complex. Therefore, it never ceases to amaze me when after just an introductory session, my potential client is revealing to me that he is ready to practice by himself and quite prepared to work really hard on his own…? I’m sorry to say, but I find that a little ridiculous (to put it mildly). It would be the same as if the person would meet with a brain surgeon, who (granted) would explain in reasonable details what exactly the surgical procedure would entail; and then the patient (who is in need of a brain surgery) would decide that he, somehow, would be able to perform it himself, on his own, and at home…? Sounds funny, doesn’t it? It does indeed. But I do hear it quite often and I hope that people are thinking that way only because of the financial strain and not out of complete ignorance. On top of it, some of them are going to regular vocal coaches to seek help with their injured voice. I consider the regular vocal coaches, at best, equivalent to a regular physician who knows something about (let’s say) brain surgery, but never got specialized in it. If in real sense, (God forbid) you would need brain surgery, would you want your family physician to perform it, or you would rather hire a highly qualified brain surgeon to perform it? The above is your quiz for today. Enjoy your food for thought!
  4. Mainly, vocal cord paralysis occurs after related (and unrelated) surgeries such as, for example: Thyroid removal surgery, spinal fusion and even simple surgical procedures that require surgical intubation (Tracheotomy). Often, those tubes are inserted incorrectly and, as a result, the vocal cord(s) could be damaged and/or paralyzed. The voice could be easily jeopardized if you have experienced stroke, or even unrelated surgeries, for example, due to even any accident, which requires surgical procedure. Of course if (God forbid) the sufferer had any growths like tumor, or even a simple nodule or polyp on a vocal cord, removal of any of the above could easily cause vocal damage and vocal cord(s) paralysis. The Vocal Science™ technique is the only alternative way, which could dramatically improve ones’ speech and even singing voice for that matter. The Vocal Science method is a holistic and alternative approach to voice mechanics. By the virtue of fact, the method suggests to remove the pressure of the sound from he vocal cords and lift the voice to the alternative muscles, which once put to work together in full conjunction and coordination, will amplify the sound 4 to 5 times over and will employ the wholesome vocal mechanism to work in its fullest capacity and with no pain or strain on the vocal anatomy. The space on the bottom of the throat is also released and thus, allows the room for the natural herbal and homeopathic remedies to work in the full force, which will greatly aid to the patients’ voice/vocal recovery. Please be advised that this process of restoration of the voice (after the vocal cords/vocal folds paralysis had occurred) is extremely tedious and intense. It could be also a very emotional process on the patient’s part. Obviously, their voice is not sounding the same and, at times, it Is difficult for them to pronounce certain syllables. I have seen a lot of tears in my studio/clinic, which sometimes served a positive deed, as after a good cry, the patient had regrouped and caught a second breath, so to speak. By that point, they got their sadness out of their heart and soul by releasing their emotions and even their voice became lighter and more compliant to the instruction. A lot of the patients, understandably, possess a lot of ‘stuffed-up’ emotions. That, by itself, could be one of the reasons of their voice disorder. I receive a lot of patients with thyroid problems and even removed thyroids due to cancer. In holistic teaching, the thyroid represents suppressed emotions and hurts. So, in the first place, they were experiencing something that, emotionally, they could not comprehend. Majority of the diseases are emotionally induced and then, they manifest in the physical body. For example: A bad marriage could cause a lot of anger and anguish. The human liver (in the holistic understanding) does represent suppressed anger. When one of the spouses dies of cancer, it is almost 100 out of 100 that it would be the cancer of thyroid or, even more so, cancer of liver. That’s, of course, if the marriage was full of disagreements and fights. So, from our side, we are wishing you peace and harmony in whatever you are doing in your life path. That will keep you happy and healthy & most likely by osmosis will keep your voice intact.
  5. Step 1. · Identify the vocal problem itself in order to get your voice back. Perhaps, you have noticed that your voice (Speaking and/or singing) is not working in the same capacity as it once was. Obviously you are puzzled and concerned. At this point, you have to come to terms that something is not the same and begin to accept that fact. Step 2. · Identify the cause of such occurrence. Please try to analyze what could have caused your voice problem in the first place. Please try to “rewind” all the possible facts, which could have lead to such an ordeal. You might think of any medical/surgical procedures you might have undergone in the not very distant past. You might think of a ball game you might have attended with your kids, or a concert of your Idol singing. In this instance, you would possibly be able to recall how excited you were then, during the events, & how loud you were cheering for the performers in the field. Also, it probably would not hurt to look at your personal relationship with your spouse and your children. Have you been shouting a lot lately? Have you, perhaps, been under a lot of stress at work and/or at home? All of the above factors (and many others) could easily aid to a voice problem. When you are in the moment, you are not paying attention how loud you speak or scream. The consequences will haunt you later. Step 3. · Do not ‘sugarcoat’ your feelings; rather, embrace it with a grain of sault. That alone will help you immensely to get your voice back in a fast and efficient manner. When you start experiencing some changes in your voice, please DO NOT pretend that nothing happened and do not convince yourself that it is just temporary and you will feel better tomorrow. Unfortunately, you might not feel better tomorrow, as the damage has already been done and it will not go away on its own. It might require some further investigation and medical (or alternative) assistance. Step 4. · Outline your goal for the best possible recovery of your vocal problem and enjoy getting there. Once you are able to face the fact that you do have a vocal problem, please embrace this fact and outline the goal to get your voice back. It might, not necessarily, be an easy road, but please try to enjoy the process towards achieving your main goal – getting your voice back.
  6. Ms. Yampolsky's coaching concentrates not just on the voice, but on the performer as a whole. Her approach can boost stage confidence by improving the voice's range, pitch and power. She believes that a singer has 25% natural talent, while 75% of a singer's performance relies on technical training. Her special exercises enable the singer to meet any combinations of pitch and duration of sound. Ms. Yampolsky views the body as an instrument whose quality of well being determines the quality of sound produced and recognizes that the voice is a reflection of the 'inner self.' All courses are customized to the unique needs of each individual singer and program the brain using visualization and vocal repetition. The Vocal Science (TM) Method alleviates strain on vocal cords and develops proper use of facial and abdominal muscles while stressing posture.
  7. Hello GGC, Indeed, Javastorm makes some good points with regards to maintaining your vocal health and overall health in general. I would like to add a few points to what you can do to improve your situation: Keep hydrated whenever possible with (when possible) room temperature water. (Note: you can add a product known as 'Liquid Chlorophyll' which will oxygenate your vocal anatomy and your anatomy overall. It will add extra moisture to your vocal box and help to get rid of impurities such ad mucus and gastric acid. Ultimately, you have to cleanse your body and the build your immune system. Of course, the proper use of the vocal mechanics is a must. If your are interested in further knowledge on how to deal with your vocal issue, please refer to our website and click on our publication section. www.vocalscience.com Thank you Best regards, Jamie Mckay Assistant Manager On behalf of.. Diana Yampolsky B.M. Ed. World renowned Voice Repair Specialist Specializing in Extreme Voice Disorder Cases. Alternative and holistic approach to voice mechanics. The Royans Professional Vocal School Division of The Royans Institute for Non-Surgical Voice Repair www.vocalscience.com www.repairyourvoice.com 416-857-8741 077 88 98 9319 while in the UK
  8. Hi there, There are two things that need to be addressed. #1: you have to get help to restore the mechanics of your voice via special speech exercises coupled with body movements which will direct your voice in the desired destination. #2: it sounds like your whole being has went out of balance. So holistically speaking, you need to achieve an integration of synergy between your mental, physical, emotional and vocal components. To find out how, please visit our site and see the many examples of how it can be done employing our Vocal Science technique. Please read our blogs similarly related to the, described by you, voice issue. Thank you. Best regards, Jamie Mckay Reputation Manager On behalf of Diana Yampolsky B.M. Ed. World renowned Voice Repair Specialist Specializing in Extreme Voice Disorder Cases. Alternative and holistic approach to voice mechanics. The Royans Professional Vocal School www.vocalscience.com www.repairyourvoice.com 416-857-8741 077 88 989 319 while in the UK
  9. Hi there, We have many examples of how you can conquer your voice problem. Please visit our BlogSpot named A Voice Apart located within our website: www.vocalscience.com. We hope that it will shed light on how to fix your voice disorder. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at Info@vocalscience.com. Thank you. Best regards, Jamie Mckay Reputation Manager On behalf of Diana Yampolsky B.M. Ed. World renowned Voice Repair Specialist Specializing in Extreme Voice Disorder Cases. Alternative and holistic approach to voice mechanics. The Royans Professional Vocal School www.vocalscience.com www.repairyourvoice.com 416-857-8741 077 88 989 319 while in the UK
  10. Hi There, We have read your story and we are very confident that we can help you to restore your speaking and singing voice via our special method called Vocal Science™. If you would like to find out more about it, please visit our sites: www.vocalscience.com www.repairyourvoie.com We also would be happy to answer all of your questions regarding this matter. Best regards, Jamie Mckay Reputation Manager, On behalf of.. Diana Yampolsky B.M. Ed. World renowned Voice Repair Specialist Specializing in Extreme Voice Disorder Cases. Alternative and holistic approach to voice mechanics. The Royans Professional Vocal School www.vocalscience.com www.repairyourvoice.com 416-857-8741 077 88 989 319 while in the UK
  11. VocalScience

    Vocal Injury

    Vocal Injury: The pain could be inevitable, but the suffering should be optional. Like many of my other clients, Karen lived with her voice disorder for almost two decades. She had seen many medical professionals, alternative doctors, and nevertheless, speech therapists. To all of them, she had been complaining about the pain in her throat, her neck and her shoulder, evidently associated with that. Practically all of them told her that it is all in her head. Only one of the specialists was able to diagnose her with muscle tension dysphonia (MTD), but like everybody else, he was not able to administrate any kind of treatment which would help Karen to get rid of her nagging pain while speaking. Needless to say, she was devastated and practically was ready to give up on life. She is a very vibrant and boisterous person who loves to talk a lot. Some of the so-called medical professionals ordered her to keep silent for six months!! Needless to say, I had quite a few cases like Karen's in the past. In brings out the memory of my former client, George L., a real estate agent from Los Angeles, California, who went through the similar ordeal. Nobody could tell him also what was wrong with him and every treatment George took around the world would make his sufferings with his voice worse than before. And he needed to speak for a living! Twenty minutes into my first session, George had tears in his eyes and said to me, I'm honored to be in the same room with such a specialist like you.Four days later, George left very happy with his voice completely recovered. The fact is, that from the medical doctor and the alternative practitioners point of view, there is nothing wrong with such patients like my two clients described above. Why, you, my reader, may ask? Because the problem, one more time again, is mechanical. None of the doctors know how to fix the mechanics of voice, i.e. recover it from the neck and chest muscles; structure it and place it in the sinus (facial) cavities; and how to create the support of the sound from the lower and upper abdominal muscles; and how to integrate and synchronize those muscles to work simultaneously with each other. The description of the Vocal Science Method is such that it requires the synchronicity and synergy between mental, physical, emotional and vocal components. If that doesn't happen, the voice repair will never be accomplished. If that wholesome mechanism which allows the voice to work in its fullest capacity possible with no pain or strain on the vocal anatomy is not established, the voice, speaking or singing, will never have a healthy sound and always will be prone to some kind of injury. With that mechanism in place, the speaker or singer will also be able to comply with standards of professional speaking or singing, and nevertheless, preserve their recovered voices for their lifetime.
  12. It sounds completely absurd, doesn’t it? Believe it or not, in some cases, it is completely true. At first, when the person gets diagnosed with any kind ofvoice problems, they become devastated, then frustrated; after that, depressed and then, believe it or not, they get used to it and, in some cases, they truly embrace it. They have no other choice, you may exclaim! Yes, partially you are right, my reader. They have to embrace it and get into balance to be able to deal with their voice issues accordingly and promptly. However, a lot of people, after conducting a short search, give up on getting better and soon give up on even claiming their life back. Moreover, they discover support groups where they get “support”, but not how to fix their voice problem, but how to learn to live with it; and yes, “love” it. So now, they are caught in a catch 22 situation, so to speak.They have found, so called support, from group members. They also seem to have found emotional support from their family members and friends. Everybody is feeling sorry for them and expressing their sympathy. And before they know it, they, very quickly, get use to it. Then, sometime down the road, they discover the real help, which could actually suggest and lead them, in majority of cases, to the full recovery of their normal, or even better voice then they originally owned. And then, believe it or not, instead of getting excited, they are getting scared. . ? Of what, you may ask? The answer is; they are afraid of taking action towards becoming better and conquering their voice issues. And why? Because once they are back to normal, they might lose the attention of those who originally were expressing their sympathy and feeling sorry for them. They got use to it and they do not want to lose it. Having a voice disorder, they feel, somewhat “special” and expect special treatment by the people surrounding them. I am just going to give you one example from my 40+ years of practice dealing with all sorts of people with and without vocal disorders, issues or problems.……………………………………………………………………………………………...About a couple of years ago, a young girl of 26 years of age, walked into my studio/clinic with a horrible voice disorder known as muscle tension dysphonia. She hardly could speak and told me in despair that she used to be a medical assistant for ophthalmologists. When she lost her voice due to her very erratic behavior, (smoking, drinking, drugs and loud late night parties), she was let go from her position, as she could no longer communicate with the clients. At that point, she was collecting employment insurance. Nevertheless, I offered a huge discount for my non-surgical voice repair program, consisting of psychological counseling, diet and nutrition counseling, my unique voice instruction coupled with certain body movements which help to lift the voice off of the injured area (the neck muscles and the vocal box); and lastly, natural herbal and homeopathic treatments to heal the throat flora by also removing all of the impurities (like acid and mucus) from the bottom of the throat. After I explained to her all of this, which took about 2 hours, she left with no charge from my side and with tears in her eyes and promise that she will be back as soon as possible to take me up on my generous offer. Sometime after, she called a couple of times, arranged appointments and payment schedules, and never showed up once. Eventually, after about a year and a half from our initial meeting, she called again and now said that she is definitely coming to pay me and pick up a set of herbs so she could start her instruction and treatment with me almost right away. She showed up a couple of times; each time late for at least an hour or longer. She did half of the instruction, as she always had to go somewhere; and also she was, according to her, feeling tired. Out of 10 hours she arranged with me, she took only a maximum of 6 hours in total, which she had stretched for over a year period of time and canceled her appointments with me, at least 10 times in the process. Then she disappeared for another year and, as usual, being apologetic and blaming herself, she almost “swore on the bible” that this time around, she would finish her remaining hours, as she wanted to go back to work. (All this time, she was collecting government assistance and gotten used to staying up late and getting up at 3:00PM). Nevertheless, by now, she was loving it all the way. However, (not being stupid, by far), she intellectually knew that it was all wrong and she should get better and get back to her normal life. She also kept confirming that I was her one and only vehicle to bring her to victory. By now, it is shooting close to 3 years from the beginning of this ordeal. She contacted me at the beginning of this year again and promised to restart the program with me no later then, now, past April/May. Ever since then, I have not heard from her for about 8 or 9 months. Go figure! She is in her late 20s by now and, as far as I am concerned, her young life is ruined. She fell in love with her present lifestyle on a physical and psychological level and constantly fighting with her intellectual understanding of the matter. However, it does not prosper her forward and frankly, I don’t think that it ever will. How sad is that? To conclude: Please don’t get used to your voice disabilities. Please don’t fall in love with it and with the newfound “lifestyle”. The longer you are in it, the harder it will be to snap out of it. And if you don’t, it will be a complete waste of your, once precious, life. I have numerous examples of that happening which I will reiterate to you in my future upcoming blogs.
  13. Set your Destination! “Drive” to it.Arrive and save your route in memory for future reference!What do you mean by “Vocal GPS”, you, my reader, may ask?What I mean is that, first and foremost, you have to establish a frame of reference of how to make your voice work upon design and inner-command. Recently, I received a singing client who happened to be very talented and even possesses absolute pitch, (perfect pitch).Being a musician since an early age, playing a few different instruments, it was an absolute pleasure to start a Private Master Vocal Coaching Sessionwith him. However and evidently, his singing and, for that mater, speaking voice, does require a lot of work.Being in his late 30’s, he adapted a lot of bad habits on his own and with “help” of his previous teachers. I told him that if I had compared his singing to a puzzle, then his puzzle would consist of a head of a cat, body of a snake and the tale of a dog (of course, figuratively speaking). It was very difficult to make heads or tales of his singing (no pun intended).In other words, what he heard in his head and with his ears was completely incongruent with the sound he was producing. Even in spite of having perfect pitch, he hit quite a few flat and sharp notes and his timing was definitely quite speedy. In other words, the whole voice thing was out of balance, so to speak.So starting the first session, I had to show him how to set his “vocal GPS”, i.e., how to program it and how to properly map it using my wall-based diagrams, which portray the exact message about the physical sound and its movement and direction based on the law of physics and geometry. Once the student understands it intellectually, the physical application of the sound is next. Now that the “vocal GPS” is on, I begin to play the role of a “driving instructor” and navigate my student, not only via “GPS”, but also verbally explaining to him, “along the road”, how not to “fall out of the road” and achieve an aimed delivery of his sound.Finally, after a number of hours spent, we collectively and separately arrive to the destination preset by the “Vocal GPS”.You would think that our journey is over which actually, granted, physically, it is. But, little that you know that, if the “destination” is not set in memory, the “driver” will not be able to embark on the same road again without reprogramming the destination back to the GPS. Sometimes, since the “driver” is new, he might have difficulties to recall the route back on his own, and again might need professional help to get back on the “driving seat”. I hope you, my reader, is getting my drift and fully understanding my figurative and allegoric manner of speaking.In other words, It takes approximately 30 hours of instruction to “seal the deal”.That also, and furthermore, applies to the non-surgical voice repair cases when the 30 hours of instruction and natural herbal and homeopathic treatment is a must.Let’s break it down…The first 10 hours, it allows us to set the vocal GPS.The Next 10 hours will take the “actual driving” to the set destination.And finally, the last 10 hours, (which is now 30 hours in total), will take to confirm the destination and lock it in the human psyche, brain and every conceivable muscle of the body and the vocal box appropriate muscles, in particular.So to conclude, the 30 hours is the protocol for success - singing, speaking or non-surgically repairing the voice.
  14. More and more, we are hearing about well-known artists losing their voices, cancelling their shows and tours and undergoing vocal surgeries. Nevertheless, the amateur singers lose their voices in an everyday basis as well, we just don’t hear about it as much. And lastly speakers: They are caught completely by surprise when their speaking voice seizes on them “out of the blue” or, at least, they think so. In reality, the voice loss is always premeditated. The worse it is for speakers, as they’re completely not expecting anything like that and the lost voice is getting them, the least to say, in shock. The fact is that they do not realize that the voice is a vulnerable organ and could break very easily. Singers are, by far, more aware about it and those who proceed with caution, so to speak, are able to keep their voice healthy and lengthy for the rest of their lives. So what about those who don’t know about voice preservation? We have the answer for them. The Vocal Science technique, which we advocate, suggests you to use the different set of muscles (which are your facial muscles), instead of the vocal box muscles. The facial muscles contain the sinus (vocal) cavities within. That is where the voice (as a muscle) with the support of the abdominal muscles will get in and get secured within those cavities. Then with the proper breathing control, (also supported by the abdominal muscles), the sound gets projected to its aimed destination. So, at that point, the mission is accomplished, as the wholesome mechanism, which allows the voice to work in its fullest capacity possible and with no pain or strain on the vocal anatomy, has been instilled in the human muscles and psyche.
  15. If you can, you will be able to use your voice, by design, and think on a parallel track and in synchronicity with your speaking or singing. Nevertheless, this is an invaluable skill to have. The fact is that the majority of people do not possess that skill, as they are simply out-of-balance and out of alignment. Some of them think long and hard before producing the speaking or singing sounds and thus, evidently, “missing the boat”. The others, opposite; they speak and sing without boarders and think, if at all, after the fact. It is especially crucial for those who have been undergoing a non-surgical voice repair ordeal. In fact, the above-described imbalance was also a contributing factor to their voice disorder in the first place. The human being who is, in fact, in balance, is most likely able to think and act on a parallel track, which means that his/her subconscious mind and conscious mind are aligned and thus, work on a parallel track with each other. The subconscious mind is responsible for the thinking and the conscious mind plays the role of the driving force. If they are in agreement with each other, the voice should come out as the outcome of the above equation. If the synchronicity between the subconscious and conscious mind is disrupted, the person will not be able to produce any sound upon design and will get stagnated with their thinking and no action, or with the action, which is not supported by any structural thinking. In this case, the singer most likely will be going out of tune and out of timing and, no doubts, sooner or later, will end up with some kind of voice disorder. The regular speaking person, who is very loud in an everyday basis, screaming and shouting at all given times and without boarders, also will end up with some kind of voice damage down the road. As these people have no understanding of any kind that their voice is also one of their organs and if abused, it will lose its functionality, just like a liver will give up its functions for the alcoholics. To conclude – The balance is everything, and so is the knowledge. Stop yelling and screaming before, during and after the voice repair work. Speak in moderation and be always on guard that the voice is a fragile human organ and could snap and become damaged at any given time. For singers - don’t push your voice to the extreme high or low notes without knowledge how to approach and access it. Please learn how to hear yourself thinking and act accordingly and timely.