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  1. Oh goodness... Between that and "god screaming across the universe," this kid has some pretty thick shoes to fill.
  2. @Elvis If there is no middle ground, I agree with everything you're saying. I think there is some grey area, though .   OP says they don't sound accurate because they're sliding from an out of tune position... but one can slide while in tune, and one can also be out of tune without sliding.   All I'm saying is, be thorough. Focus on negating the tendency to slide AND focus being in-tune, in favor of expecting them to come together.   tuh-may-toh    toh-mah-to
  3.   Not to nitpick or undermine you in anyway, but for OP's sake, I want to stress that what he/she wants will likely take more than 21 days due to human nature.   A few weeks is plenty of time to form a habit, IF one doesn't have a previous issue that conflicts with the new habit...   Instead of conceptualizing the goal as -- (bad habit + 3 weeks of conscious effort = permanent good habit) -- OP should conceptualize 2 goals. (bad habit + at least 3-4 weeks of conscious effort = bad habit no longer automatic) and (good habit + at least 3-4 weeks of conscious effort = it becomes automatic). The reason why I say this is, if you've conditioned yourself one way, conditioning towards something else doesn't necessarily decondition the existing conditioning. Source: (otherwise useless) Degree in Behavioral Sciences .