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  1. Thanks all for those great replies! Lyrics aren't a problem for me. Its the subtleties, note bends, note delineations, the "microtrills", the melodic variation, singing soft/hard, etc. that pose a challenge.
  2. I heard this song yesterday. This song is so good, gave me goosebumps the very first time even though the highest note the singer hits in this is F4. However this song is very difficult to sing atleast for me because it requires pitch precision, has many subtleties and is very delicate with the melody. One off note can mess it up. I wanna sing the Acapella of this. What are your suggestions how do I go about learning it? At around 03:37, this guy sings that line amazingly <3 Note to mention his vocal texture is insanely beautiful. This is my native language btw. Thanks!
  3. @Daniel, I wanted to read whatever you posted but something's wrong with the forum. Here's my siren: Here's me singing without cry (upto E flat) after that I have to cry or add support to go higher and hence cannot carry the 'pretty' clear tone up.
  4. Wow those are way awesome compared to mine. I've been learning to bridge for years now but cannot do it the way you do. Your voice thins out perfectly as you go higher and there is no apparent change of vocal tone as you go from chest to head. That quality that you have on the high notes (more prominent on the A4) is what I'm looking for. It doesn't sound like headvoice but a thinned out chestvoice. I cannot achieve that lightness. If I back off weight, they become weird and whiny. How did you learn that? Please give me some pointers.
  5. I do not choke on the high notes, I left that thing years before. Now the sound gets weird but there is no strain. What do you mean by "resonating on the soft palate"? So the soft palate must rise which gives you that yawn like sensation and the resonance ascends. right? Any exercises you recommend? cuz I'm on my own for now. Can you post a clip of you doing a siren that I may imitate?
  6. I should not say 'sing', squeal is a better word lol. They sing it like beautifully, easily and consistently.
  7. I would not be posting here if I could actually get a real teacher but my current circumstances don't allow it. That is headvoice? What!? How do I achieve that sound anyways. I am on my own for few years so I'm trying my best to achieve a working range upto A#4. I can sing upto C5 without breaking but it sounds weird and unbalanced. I can sing beautifully till E4 after that I have to change my vocal tone to stay connected not that the sound breaks into falsetto or becomes shouty but the resonance dampens and feels closed off. I'm confused. In SLS they say to not lift the soft palate yet advise to lower larynx and cry into the notes which actually raises the soft palate.
  8. Okay I've been training with Brett Manning's programs for about 3 years now. Got better but I'm frustrated with my vocal range. A vocal range upto A#4 is all I want for my singing. I'm a Tenor. So I've been hearing these concepts related to high notes. What I've realized is that people refer to the same thing by saying stuff like yawn, lift soft palate, cry and support. Also is the 'cry' necessary to hit the high notes in full voice cuz it sounds weird to me when I keep a cry on my notes. What are they doing? Singing in mix? Belting? Also would that be more towards SLS or classical typa technique. 2nd Thanks!
  9. Try doing broad "Aa" on a scale (as in bat) but don't go overboard with the broadness. Go only as far as comfortable in your chest voice. Your voice should feel solid after this.
  10. I'm not quite getting what you're trying to say.. Is it that you can stay in m1 yet sound light and soothing like the singers I posted?
  11. I can sing D5s in m1 but that's not what I desire. They sound belty and they resonance is too piercing.
  12. Thank for the tips. My headvoice/reinforced falsetto are ridiculously strong. I can rock a room with it. I can also sing like the above listed singer for upto f#4 after that my voice becomes too light and starts sounding like headvoice. However after Bb4s my voice starts sounding powerful and fuller.
  13. How to I learn to sing like that? I never like "belty" high notes. The emotional impact of the light yet full voice is what I'm looking for. I cannot let go. If I let go, I am in falsetto and if I don't let go, the sound comes out too strong. Here's the original song in case anyone's wondering: Here's the artist singing it live: