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Thanks for the shout out in regards to your training with The Four Pillars of Singing. How long have you been training with it?

What techniques do you feel have been helping you the most? What is your TVS routine? Would love to hear what your doing with it.

Your Review:

- This tune is really a bit "out there" and I mean that in a good way. It is "arty" and a touch "progressive metal", which I think is super cool. I enjoyed it.

- I like your raspy vocal approach on this. It seems to go well with the tune, a very good choice on vocal approach for this song. It sounds "frantic"... I suppose that is the idea? COOL. :headbang:

- Special compliments for doing this while your drumming too, wow.

- Honestly, CONSIDERING the style and "feel" of this song... I can't say that there is much I would change with the vocals, I think it works... However.

- I think you could do the same thing, with more space in the pharynx. I would shade in more /uh/ to your open vowels if you can... I sense you could use a bit more space, openess... is sounds a bit "pinchy".

- You need to take a closer look at the onsets on this hook... what is the lyric?  I know you could get more energy off those onsets if you were more aware of what your doing on the phonetics /plosives/ , /vowels/, /nasals/, etc... 

... GO TO YOUR TVS ONSETS and analyze what letter these lyrics start with, then practice getting a stronger onset in this hook.

BTW... I added you to my student singing playlist:


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Thank you very much for your compliments, insights, recommendations and thorough explanations.

It's pleasure you're asking about me. I never was serious about singing, probably because I was singing in a choir since I was 6.
And I thought it's no biggie. Never had heard about bridging and stuff. Now the challenge came when we were covering "The Pretender" of Foo Fighters.
That A4 was strangling my throat. The more I was pushing the more it got worse. But I pulled it out and got away belting on concerts. So I felt it was the ceiling.
Could not believe is this it. Then I start to think about bridging and found various teachers, consultants that contradict each other. I didn't want to waste my time - I know that pain of relearning, so I kept searching. Then I stumbled on a forum where my hero Steve Patrick from Holy Soldier was chatting with someone about the training and stuff. And he mentioned maestro Kyle was coaching him. Then I found out he was your teacher. So I said to myself, ok I'm gonna trust this guy.

I'm studying, training my cords for around couple years already. And I feel the most helpful exercises were onsets Contract&Release and Track&Release.
"The 6 Specialized Onsets for Head Voice Development" video just hypnotized me when you introduced to 'the squats'. I'm belter that's why. I love muscular vocal: Dave Thompson from Bride and their track "Scarecrow" \m/

My routine. I start buzzing octave and quinta sirens, from the chest to the head of course. Then I'm buzzing my melody of pentatonic scale. After that I open my mouth just a little bit and sing the same melody/exercise with /eeh/ (me) to /egh/ (eight) [ on the passage ]. Then I work the onsets: Track&Release, Contract&Release, the squats (with the help of my tongue lowering the larynx), glottal attacks, then working on vibrato, or I pick any phrase of a song, stuff like that.
Just recently started analyzing on what is really happening in my pharynx while I'm bridging, how my throat is preparing for the process. So I started to do bridging exercise just on one note or semitone interval, trying to match the phonations of the chest and the head voice.

Now concerning the tune.

- Yeagh it was experimenting. I see you've found I'm metalhead in my bones though I'm playing drum'n'bass cover :) Yes I love Dream Theater (when Mike was behind the wheel). I'm SO HAPPY you enjoyed this video!

- oh yes, that was idea to sound frantic for I love industrial and stuff... Concerning my raspy voice, huge thank you, I feel I've made it! It's realy important for me and I was reading, watching your videos about distortion, rasp, grit. To me dilema was fearly healthy way to do it. I'm still working on this too.

- Thank you for the special compliments! I found out while I'm playing on drums I can sing more complex rhythmic phrases - it just connects: hands, feet and voice.

- Now yes I agree I could over squeeze if you mean by ' it sounds a bit "pinchy" '. Probably I was too much pushing down the larynx and felt like I have to use more of the twang to keep the balance in order to shape the sound...

Please, when you talk about TVS Onsets, I assume you're referring to those 6 onsets. Or you mean specific one onset..?


Thank you so much for adding me to the playlist!!!


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