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Please help me unleash my singing

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Aditya Sharma

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It is amazing to me how Bollywood manages to churn out these beautiful tunes. What genre is it?

(Sometimes, not understanding the language is a blessing. I am often disappointed if I see the translated lyrics. They are usually very average. :))

Anyway, listening to you singing, I would say that you have good pitch appreciation (you may be  thinking, "of course", but it is a big deal for some beginners).

You do have some problems with execution as the pitch ascends (or occasionally as it fluctuates quickly), even though you seem to be aiming for the right notes.

It sounds to me as if this is mainly to do with breath regulation and is made more difficult with a genre of music that uses a lot of melisma and arpeggios.

I would recommend finding an appropriate diaphragmatic breathing technique. However, as I have not come across any coach or trainer of Western music who has correctly characterized the unique sound of this genre of singing,  I can't really say which diaphragmatic breathing technique will work well. Somehow the Indian singers manage to get a lot of "cry" in the upper range, while keeping the lower range mellow. Some Western trainers confuse this with breathiness.

In your singing, I think that the mellow lower end is going to come naturally. Breath control will be required to find the resonance in the upper range.

That's my two cents worth of opinion. 

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  • Administrator

Thanks for chiming in "kick".

Nice video edit.

I would like to see you get more athletic about your singing. Don't sit down, get on your feet for starters. And you need to move more energy; more respiration, more compression on the vocal folds, more resonance, more embouchure. The whole thing is lazy and too "kicked back"... More athleticism. 

I suggest that you train with an online course.



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