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Introducing Ivan Heart - Beautiful Vocals from Italy

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I want to introduce you guys to my good friend and student from Italy, Ivan Heart. Ivan is training to become a TVS Instructor in Italy, but he is also a song writer. This is actually one of his more mellow tunes. He recently produced a full album that is quite proggy and it is just simply great, you guys will love it. Ivan's style features a great use of Falsetto.

I think he is awesome.


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Way cool. And, once again, 4 Pillars delivers. And, to prove the naysayers wrong, 4 Pillars is not just about heavy metal bombast with Coverdale-ish rasp. This is not a lesson or an example and not just a promo for the TVS system. This is a peformance.

Not only in front of an audience during filming but an audience of a potential 2.5 billion out of the 7 billion people on the planet (average percentage of internet users per world population as of 2011. It was a stat I heard on a radio show the other day.) Granted, not all 2.5 B were watching youtube. I think that was a mere couple of hundred million views.

Technique aids training. Training builds confidence and skill. Confidence and skill allow one to express.


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