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Fix You - Coldplay

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Excellent job, D. I mean this as a compliment - you sounded american. When you first came here, your polish accent was so thick.

Excellent recording skills, too. I wish I could record that well.

Good song choice, perfect match for your voice and vice versa.

And yes, I like Coldplay, too, in the same breath as I like Led Zeppelin. Good songwriting and performance stands the test of time.

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Thank you guys.

@Ron I appreciate feedback coming from you. One of my dreams is to visit you and your dog in US.

Backing track is actually original Coldplay one and it helps a lot.

Processing after recording.

1. Waves VST channel stereo, my setup here -----> https://www.box.com/s/c4pc4k4av2v25h6b4by0

2. Vocal Plate VST reverb

3 After mixing vocal track and instrumental I usually do mastering/compression.

@Keith thanks "kewl" ---> new word, must remember. Thank you for caring about my language development. :P

@Steve Glad you liked this one.

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