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This is EPIC!!

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Our second studio song! :D This time we hired another producer (the drummer of Fatal Smile).. That guy has like.. Perfect skin texture.. ANYWAY this is a test mix, I will probably add some nerdy talk part above the second pre-chorus.. Or maybe not because I love my falsetto harmonies there.. We'll see. There would have been keyboard strings but since I have no MIDI-export in my limited Pro-Tools we had to (*auto edit*) it :/ There will be a low choir kind of harmony at the very last chorus but I decided against cluttering it up too much. The one thing I am really happy about is that I no longer have any, what's it called, passagios? So my voice don't flip or sound different when swapping registers unless I want to add like a "yodle effect" as in the second verse "paradise", "heroes" etc :D

This is the chorus people walk around humming on after gigs :D

Corny lyrics about us, the ardent protectors of good! I we-wrote the melody and lyrics to the first verse and the pre-chorus the day before recording because I felt they were so trivial and amateurish. The band was not very happy at first; "what are you singing dude???" xD

EDIT: Funny anecdote; this was the first song from the band I showed here on the boards when we began and it was shot down for good reasons... Haha... I can't listen to that one now without cringing...

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This will be a hit song. Memorable melody. Wise decision to have a drummer produce it. From the sound of it, excellent mic'ing and gaiting on the drums, they make this track pop. Awesome singing, of course. The whole vocal line is heroic and unified. That completes my sense of legato.

Zakk Wylde said that you get record company attention by touring. But if you do send out demos, especially if they are requested from you, make this #1 on a 3 song demo, or the only one on a single. Everything comes together here and shows both the skill of your band and the ability to work at recording. And don't worry, this will not be the first time you re-write parts of song during recording. What sounded okay in rehearsal changes character when you print to tape or digital file.

As I have learned from studying producers and recording engineers and an A&R guy who was being blatantly honest from both sides of the equation, you have 30 seconds to capture the interest of the guy who says yes or no to you. And this says "yes."

I read a book by an A&R guy who used to be in a band and was rejected by a few a&r people himself. And thought them to be cold and heartless. Until he had the job and was subject to the deluge of recordings that were abominable. This is the opposite of abominable.

Anyway, good stuff, Archania.

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Thank you Ron... :D As always your critique is thorough and provides a plethora of relevant trivia ;D Much obliged!

Strange how no one else bother lend an ear. Not to be that guy but, damn, this is some awesome shit :O

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I know, right? Usually, there is no shortage of people to pick apart the note you did at clock counter whatever.

Then, again, you sound pro and who would pick apart a pro? Anyway, so, in the vocalist forum, you have a fan club with at least one member.

You know you did well and I don't think you are being conceited. Because I have seen and heard stuff from you and you are quite humble, indeed. So humble that you would not put anything forward that is less than your best.

If anything, I am the arrogant one, putting recordings of sight-reading something for the first time and expecting that it will be applauded.


I'm a bad man ....

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Wow mates!

I wish you knew how much those words meant to me, especially today... I may get sacked from the band :( Got a worrying text yesterdat night from the two guitarists..

Either way. As long as I am a part of Archania I will support us as much as I can. I love the guys, but I am aware of my shortcomings ;(


Ron; I want to be humble. I used to put out everything with the words "it's ok", "hope your ears doesn't bleed". I didn't think I was THAT bad but I know if someone shot me down I could fall back on my words and not break my frail singing-bone (it's a rather strange piece of human anatomy, prone to exponential osteoporosis when ridiculed. It is residing within the egotisticus narcisissus membrane between the "I am A Golden God-gland" and the nearest tin-foil hat.

No but really. I always want to remain humble. Before I saw bands and heard singers "they are so good, why do I bother? They started singing early, inherent talent etc etc. And as such I got envious because everyone on both my mothers and fathers side for generations have been totally tonally inept even though my father tried for years to play the guitar and sing (Kudos to him trying but he did not improve).

Now I have come to the point where I am proud of what I accomplish because I do it to the best of my ability! So when I say "Damn I sing so awesome here, listen!". It's not out of some unfounded send of self-grandeur - But because I learn thing and do things I could not do before. Melodiously, harmoniously etc. I would never say that "guys, let the master show you how it's done.. Step back, this might blow your confidence away ;)"

The scream in the beginning of the song was not meant to go that high. but a third time. But when I glissed up I ended there and even our producer was like "dude.. Really? From chest voice to that without a crack?" And my bandies was also "wow.. Dude, that's the highest note you've ever taken without doing you whistle voice"...

So I learn things and I want to be proud of it. Same as I want everyone here to be proud of their improvements, big, small och somewhere in between, like, uh.. "smig"

If you think you do good, referemce ONLY to your earlier work. Never to celebrities. That way you are not practicing singing, but impersonation.


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Excellent, Pat. Finally someone understands my distaste for ingenuity. "Hope I don't hurt your ears," or "I did these things wrong but I think I am okay."

You get the point, however. Step on out there, swing for the fences, to borrow from baseball. That's not to say that someone else will find something to critique, valid or not. But in the world of people who are not fans, you certainly don't need to give them a helping hand. And it's not lack of humility, it's bare honesty. "This is me, take it or leave it."

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May I share a cup of tea with you, guys? ;)

Great song, Snejk! The intro reminds me some stuff from Iron Maiden. The rest of the song isn't like IM, it's more like Sonata Arctica to me. But these are just my associations. Good stuff anyway.

You are spot on Igor. IM is the main influences of drummer, bassist and lead guitarist. Rhythm guitarist likes to barbeque and drink whiskey. I brough Sonata into the palette as they're my melodious heroes :)

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I just wanted to drop you a note about this great song you and the band pulled off. First, the production is very professional and I think your vocals are great. I really have been wondering about the status of the band and their lead singer. Did anything ever come of your concern? I really don’t know the history of the band as to how they formed or when you arrived in the picture. When you all write music, what part do you play in the creative process? Are you writing lyrics together, are you coming up with melodies together, did all of this exist before your arrival and you are just singing what the band already created? I ask this because as good as the musicians are in your band; there are other bands with equally gifted musicians that are dying to find a singer of your ability to finish out their band.

I know you do not want to leave something that has the potential of Archania but if it happens, I know the band that finds you will be very grateful. It is obvious that this is your calling and I know there may be set backs along the way but I know you will persevere. I am a big believer in things happen for a reason.


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Well, the two guitarists and the drummer had a band for three years called Eyonize with another singer (drummers brother) and another bass player. They went to Emergenza finals vs Spitchick.

Take a close listen to the singer.

After they kicked the singer and the bassists they decided to start anew and found me on youtube where I sang Still Loving You by Scorpions. This was late October last year. I liked them immediately as persons.

So second time we met we decided to rent a full time rehearsal local at £1600 quarterly.

Everything from scratch. They didn't want to reuse any old material. It starts with a riff by either guitarist basically and some verse chord. Then I just improvise and wail as a madman in falsetto til I find something "hooky" (yes, verses must be hooky to me. I hate having two verses with the same melody xD).

Optimally I record their instrumentation and create melody, harmonies and write lyrics alone til I am satisfied.

The drummer initially wanted to write lyrics but he actually used "fade away", "darkness" , "aloneness" in his wordings. So I decided I would do that alone :P The lyrics to this song is very corny. And as I said, I remade the verse melody and lyrics and the pre-chorus the day before recording because prior to it, it felt like an insult to the song "Rise" we recorded earlier. Needed more edge, more finesse and thought.

I am giving the rhythm guitarist singing lessons because he is enthused about it and I made it clear that we will have a lot harmonies (take the second prechorus in the song live... Tight, with some reverb.. MAGICAL and not lacking even though it's so airy!)

I don't think of myself as that extraordinary. I do consider my STRENGTHS to be an very strong sense of melody and control/fluidity between registers and emotive singing as well as wailing around without hitting notes of key (of course, throw in a diminished chord and I strangle the cat though xD). My weaknesses are however far outnumbering my strengths but nowadays I focus more on the stability and realibility of my voice. I can't growl, or do screamo things if so my life depended on it xD I can't get into whistle register. My lowest note used to be an E but is now a G#!!!! That's weird right? And I know all about relaxation, air flow, posture and such in that regard...

In Archania I am allowed to focus on my strengths and have full control over all of the melodic aspects and I love that. Because these guys write great riffs :D

But depending on the future, I would love to cooperate over the net with someone/some people and maybe have some fun and challenge myself more...

Think anyone on these boards might be interested or are we all narcissistic singers here howling for the soloist role? :P

Thanks for all the kind words and encouragement Steve. Gave me a good boost in the fact that I actually can discent some strengths I have now. I couldn't a year ago. My voice was not at all on this level then...

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Great Job Snejk (how do you pronounce that?),

I am mostly on the forums at work(Bad Me, Things take care of themselves here some of the time) so I don't get to listen to all of the Music presented.

You have come a long way from the first time I listened to you. I love your sound. You have earned the right to be proud of yourself.

I loved the band logo also. :cool:

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Hey thanks a alot Emdjyou? :P I am Snake hah! ;)

Let's see if I can link some of the logotypes (in case anyone is interested :P )

This is the hoodie I got in the mail today. I added my hair in the contoures since I didn't have that long hair when we shot those pics :P Also on the sleeve it says "Bring me back into the light again... ..and watch my ashes come to life!" which is half the chorus in Rise.

I decided to paint my wall green and have a much lighter nuance as the logo and then shade it with black from above with strokes around but a drop shadow beneath. Been at it for 10 hours and it's not half done :P

A gold variant with the symbol behind a bit darker. A bit cluttery I think.

So I tried a a radial shadow from the bottom layer fading out with a linear reflected gradient in the front. A bit too cartoonish but all the bandies likes it alot...

This is the frame I used on the back of my first black and red hoodie but whitelined and zero opacity surrounding.

Evil glass symbol?

This I want around my neck :D

Hope I didn't overstate my welcome.... *blish*

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Hey M, j in nordic languages usually is pronounced like a 'y'. So, it would be snayke and you would pronounce it just like snake. Just like, Jens' login is phonetically pronounced (yehns, with a hard s.)

Now, let me teach you how to pronounce Pat's last name. (ehl-stroh-m) Gotta watch those umlauts.

As opposed to my login, ronws, which many often mispell. It is pronounced (he-who-has-the-folds-of-destiny.) :lol:

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I have re-read this thread and guys, I can not thank you enough for your feedback and kind words... Been a few shaky days for the band the my confidence so from the bottom of my heart - Thank you!

Maybe I have not said this often enough but I really think you have an awesome voice and I treasured those acapella clips you would do at work, during closed hours.

If it does not work out with this band, you must absolutely go forward, even if you have to assemble another band. Many bands started around a guitar player, sure. But a number of them started around a singer. Instead of answering ads of "looking for a singer", write your own advertisement, "Singer forming a band. Influences range from Sonata Arctica to RUSH to Ministry." Or something like that. So that other players know that they have to have chops that might range from jazz to post-industrial.

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Aye. We're having a crisis meeting come Monday and I will probably be kicked from the band :P But blame lies on no one.

Finished this today, took me 27 hours in total...

If it does come to me being sacked, I will take the name, symbol, font and such with me and form a new band. I never tried the band leader role, maybe the shoe will fit? But I rather see that we all can open up ourselves a bit and find some understanding and keep on going. Music never felt better than with these guys :c

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I hope the band can work out their differences. The last band that I was in split because each member had the wrong idea about what the other wanted. We made ourselve miserable by trying to figure out what the others wanted from us.

What ever happens keep singing somewhere.

The wall looks awesome.

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Well, Pat, and I mean this as a compliment, you have the ego to drive a band. In fact most of us here do, judging from our conversations, views of ourselves, we could never be just hired guns. And I think that is why most of the ads of people looking for singers go unanswered. Or I will answer and my old man 70's rock just isn't the right thing. Because I will answer those if they are not gender specific. Sometimes, they are thoughtful enough to answer back and say thanks, but not quite what we're looking for. Which does not bother me. I got up and I tried.

As for organization that is the thing. Andy you already show that you have the drive to work at to spend this much time on cover art. Music is a lovely thing. And getting to the gig is management and logistics. Getting the gig is negotiation. Getting paid for the gig, that is intimidation with a guy about my size saying, "No, go ahead and make me take it from you" to the club manager who is hesitant to pay.

Then there's recording contracts. And for that, you need a lawyer. My intimidation factor won't help there. But yeah, you can do it, either as a solo act or with the band name you have chosen. Which is another thing, to register trademark and logo of the band name as soley owned by Pat Ahlstrom, sole proprietor and dba Arachania, if you have not done so, already. Otherwise, the guys could go on using the name to get gigs. And then make you pay to use the name. These are the roots of disagreement for John Fogerty and CCR. Guns n Roses. And that was with legal ownership of the name.

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