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  1. Hey,thanks for the feedbacks, I'm glad you like it !
  2. Hi,I just recorded a new cover,I 've had some problems with my speakers and mic that I'm recording with so you will have to adjust volume because it might sound too loud or quiet. Here is the link : What do you think ?
  3. Hey,thanks for the reply and detailed feedback ! I tried it but it doesn't sound good , it's too high for me,and yes,I'm not a native speaker .
  4. Hello everyone,here is the link to the cover,I played the piano there too and I would like to hear your opinions : I was also wondering if it is possible to reach and build a full sounding mixed voice in mid teens (16,17) ?
  5. It can be heard well,you just got to raise the volume a bit more than you usually do,works for me 
  6. What do you think ? I guess that I should mention that I'm 16 and that I did't use any audio effects .Btw this is not the whole song,as many of you probably know.
  7. Hey,I just recorded this,I should say that I'm 16 and recording with my phone.What do you think ?
  8. What do you think ? Do you think I am good enough to play in cafee and stuff like that,guitar and singing ? I'm 16 btw.
  9. Hey thanks for the reply.I don't get that part about "Rob Thomas thing",what are you trying to tell me?Can you explain ?
  10. Was bored so picked up the guitar and played fingerstyle because I lost my pick..what do u think ?
  11. Heu dude,thanks for the reply,I will try to do it ! Btw your cover sounds really good :)