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On my own - Les miserables cover

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Hello Julia, I noticed no one had ducked in here to help you... I'm pleased to give you feedback.

You singing is pretty and has great potential.

I would say that my first 'gut' impression as a qualified listener is that you may consider getting more respiration behind your singing and other elements, such as a stronger, dampened larynx which would help your harmonics to sound a bit more 'boomy'. It seems to be coasting on energy level... its the result of not being driven enough in your training I suspect.

But don't let this feedback freak you out. Overall, to the average audience listener, its good. Apparently people in the audience enjoyed it... so that is validating... but what I would like to see and hear for you is to get them out of their seats... that can only happen if you amp up your energy. Singing 'sweet & pretty' has a rare place in singing... most of the time, you need to get it on... and sing with power, volume and captivate people with the shear power of your voice.

I hope this helps... if you have any questions, I am happy to help you with my products and services. There are special techniques I work on with my female clients that are unique to your gender that you would benefit from.

otherwise, I wish you the best ... and don't ever succumb to becoming just a 'pretty & sweet' singer... its what amateurs do... boom it up and bring the house down.

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:) Hi Julia. I have made comments before when you have submitted songs. You have such a nice voice.

I noticed that you are more confident with you are singing and being on stage. Sometimes thats the hardest part when actually performing.

You are getting into the song more. That is also good. Keep in mind that you are relaying a story and telling that story to the audience. Remember to sing to the audience. You do not need to make eye contact with any one in particular but look towards the audience as if you are singing for them and to them.

This is a general statement, a reminder. I am not saying that you did not do this in this performance.

Keep up the good work.

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