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Just found this forum, I would really like some feedback!

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Hey, I'm not a really a vocal expert and am not that great at singing myself. However, I think you have a naturally nice voice :)


If there's any feedback to be given, I think your voice could have been slightly more smoother in the chorus but maybe that's due to a bit of nerves?


But overall, I think you have a nice voice and that you should cover more songs :)

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I'm new to this forum, I would really like some creative criticize or feedback on what I need to work on vocal wise :D

Please and Thank you!  :) 


This is the link to my cover of 1234 by Plain white T's







Hello, welcome to our forum!  Its great to have you here.


Did you write this song?  If you wrote this song, congratulations on such a great tune... your talented!



My Suggestions would be:


1). Try to sing the notes in your melody a bit more to the pitch, it scoops around a bit too much. Hitting low and scooping. Generally is a touch flat. Its not flat because you have ear problems at all!  Its flat because your vocal tract is failing to open up enough and articulate enough to amplify more harmonics/overtones in your voice needed to make it seem on pitch.


2). Watch your dynamics and attack on the guitar... it kinda "bangs" through a lot.  Im no guitar teacher, but I have played some acoustic guitar. Try strumming your guitar a lot easier, more medium and light attacks... make it quiet on the verses and a bit louder on the chorus... your guitar needs dynamics.


Your real cute too... you have a lot going for you... great voice.


Hope this helps.  I am happy to help you more on your singing if your interested, contact me with the internal email system if you like. There are other great coaches here as well that can help you.



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You did well. And I think Robert is right about the dynamics of the guitar. I do just like you do, recording in my bedroom, at times, using a portable digital recorder and playing my guitar and singing. The idea being that the attack of the guitar should be a little less during the verses, and then a fuller strum during the chorus.


However, as young as you appear to be, don't worry too much, as you have probably not been playing guitar very long and the finesse of that will come along, in due time. that is, you played guitar just fine and your sense of dynamics with it will grow, over time.


A couple of the pitches that sounded flat, I don't think were really flat. I think you had the right pitch but slightly the wrong vowel sound, something that challenges me, at times. Change the vowel to something feels a little more forward, if that makes sense,


What I do like is that you place your voice in a spot and keep it there. Most people, beginners and experts, throw themselves off center by articulating the word as they would when speaking. Where as you create a musical sound that has the articulation of words, which is how it should be.


Keep on doing what you are doing.

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W772   Thank you! I'm still not used to recording so I do get a bit nervous, I will really try to work on that.
Robert Lunte  Hello! I did not write it, It's actually a cover song. 
1) I'm a bit confused on what you mean by scooping? Is it that they notes are not connected enough therefore not having a smooth flow?
2) I will try to work on the guitar more, I've been playing for under a year and I'm self-taught, I thank you very much for pointing this out! 
This helps a lot! Thank you so much! I've very glad I found this site! :D
ronws   I've been playing guitar for under a year and I taught myself, I'm glad you guys told me, now I know what to work on more! I think I get what you mean by a more forward vowel sound. Thank you!
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Very nice vocals. As a fellow guitarist, I would say that you're never going to get ideal tone while bent over your guitar on the edge of your bed. You'll get a lot more power and control by standing up. Just a thought. 

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